Video Seeking and Download/Streaming Solutions




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    Somhairle MacCormick

    It doesn't matter how i try and download the vid i keep getting seeking on the video playback? what could be causing this




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    Aaron Johnson

    Hello Sorley, that may be the App having a hard time catching the video up to the workout profile.  Try pausing it for 10 seconds and see if the video catches up. 

    If that doesn't work, then email  If you are on a Windows Computer, then we have a patch that fixed the constant video seeking.  

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    Marcos Saad

    I wish I could resume a download... some times it cancels at 90 something and I have to start all over again...

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    Jarno Bergman

    I try sufferfest. But i didnt see a video when i start the training. I see everything (cadance,heartbeat,power, the training) but no video. Somebody know what is the problem?

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    Jim Bergstrand

    Trying to do the tour of Sufferlandria and so far on stages 1 & 2 my downloaded videos start buffering at about 25 - 37 min in.  So frustrating! whats the deal??

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    Alan Guildea

    I downloaded some videos but when I go to play them I get the error message Video download error Type error failed to fetch

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    I have got. The same message


    video Download error 

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