Fixing Log in Errors


Hello Sufferlandrians!

If you are reading this article, your App is acting like a Couchlandrian and preventing glorious suffering.  Don't  worry, we have some solutions that will get you back on your bike and suffering the right way.  Below are the troubleshooting steps we use to help solve the dreaded "Log In or Subscription Error" that users get on occasion.  


This is the screen we are going to banish back to Couchlandria!

Verify Subscription

The very first thing we do is head to the settings page and verify that we are logged in.  You will see your subscription information at the bottom of the screen.  If you can't see that, then head to the Top right corner and select "Log In".  


Log Out and Back In

The next thing we will do is simply log out and log back in while connected to the internet.  The App needs to validate your subscription with the server.  You may get the log in error message or subscription error if you are offline when your subscription is due.  

Verify Username and Password

 Still not working?  Next we will validate that our username and password is correct on the website.  Please go to the link provided: .  Enter your username and password on the Sufferfest Website to validate that everything is correct.  If you have forgotten your password, you can now request a new one.  

Verify Internet Connection

The next thing we must ensure is our internet connection is good.  Be wary of public or work internet, especially donut shops.  They will block all access to the Sufferlandrian Server and deny you access to the App.  Find a network you know works, and then try to log in again.  

Things that block your access to the Sufferfest!

There are many different things we have to consider here.  We will list all the ones we deal with at customer service. 

  • Anti-Virus Software is blocking access to the App.
  • Firewall settings are blocking the App.  You may need to go into your firewall settings and make a special exception.
  • Work or Public network does not have an exception for you to access to the server.
  • A Net Nanny program to protect the young minions in your household thinks The Sufferfest is dangerous to young minds. 
  • Your Router may have high security settings that block access. 
  • Using a Proxy Server to use the internet.  The Proxy may deny access. 
  • VPN usage.  We cannot download videos over VPN's. Streaming will work.

Unfortunately, these are all things that we have no control over.  You will need to investigate these areas yourself.  You can always email The Minions and we can try to help.  

Delete The App and Download Again

Our last ditch effort to get things running again, is to delete the App and download it again.  Sorry about that!  Sometimes you can get errors in the download process.  Still not working?  You need to email to help you right away.  These are a small group of dedicated people who will get your suffering the right way quicker than a "Violator" sprint. 


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