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Hello Sufferlandrians!  If you are reading this article, you are looking for more information about connecting Elite Trainers to the Sufferfest Training Centre.  We are going to look at basic connections for Elite Trainers, what we can and cannot do with them, and some troubleshooting tips.  

Wheel Size Selection

*If you are using virtual power, you only need to select the wheel size on your bike.  This article is for users with smart trainers. 

Elite trainers use different wheel sizes according to the type of roller they have.  It is very important that every Elite user selects the appropriate wheel size for their specific trainer.  Using the image below, select "Settings" in the app and then select the "Wheel Size" dropdown menu.  You should see your Elite Trainer on that list of wheel sizes.  Having the correct wheel size is important if you want correct distance values displayed on Strava or Training Peaks.  Next, we will look at how to calibrate an Elite Smart Trainer.  


All of the currently supported Elite Trainers are on the Wheel Size List

Calibrating Elite Trainers and Spin Downs

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Spin Down calibration for Elite trainers.  They do not operate like other trainers.  Elite flashes a base map to all of the trainers and that base map can only be adjusted using the Elite My E-Training App.  You will need to download the Elite App and use a power meter to properly calibrate your trainer.  This is done by adjusting what is called the "P1, P2, and P3" values.  For more information, you can read this article here, Elite Qubo Spin Down Calibration or review this article Elite Ramp Review, The Calibration.


The image above is what you will see when you have finished calibrating your P values within the Elite App.  However, each trainer has it's own set of P values.  The ones displayed above are the default values that come with the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer.  

Elite Misuro B+

You will need to head on over to the Elite Website to configure your Elite Misuro B+ with your specific trainer.  Here are some important links to help out. 

Misuro B+ Home Page

Setting Up The Misuro B+ with The Sufferfest Training Centre

When using the Elite Misuro B+ sensor, you need to set your wheel size according to the Misuro B+ Manual in the Sufferfest App.  You can see the examples of the trainers we have built into the App with the Misuro B+ sensor.  Make sure you select the wheel size that pertains to your trainer.  


At this time, we can only support Misuro B+ sensors and trainers that can be paired together and are listed in the Elite Misuro B+ Manual.  The Sufferfest Training Centre might work with older Elite Trainers, but we are not working on specific support for legacy Elite Trainers.  

Not Hitting Lower Wattage Targets in ERG Mode

The minions are asked about this quite a bit at Sufferlandrian Services.  The rider has a recovery wattage of 125 watts.  However, their trainer won't go below 150 watts.  What is going on?  We will show you exactly what is going on.  Below is an image of the minimum power output for the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (wheel on budget smart trainer).  


The red line is your minimum wattage for the maximum wheel speed.  For instance, your recovery period is set to be 125 watts.  However, your trainer won't go below 150 watts.  That means your wheel speed is most likely 45kph and you won't get below 150watts. Sufferlandrians will need to shift up (make it easier) a few gears to lower wheel speed.  That will allow you to hit the lower wattage numbers during your recovery period.  Consider that red line your wattage basement that you cannot go below.  

Cadence Not Recording Correctly

You will get three options for connecting Elite Trainers in the cadence section.  The first option is the FE-C trainer which will work.  The second option is the ANT+ sensor ID that says Cadence, and the third option is the bluetooth cadence sensor.  Some Elite Trainers will have a "QD" or a "QC" before the sensor connection for bluetooth.  The "QC" will be your cadence connection.  It won't always be "QC" since the Qubo is set as "QC", you might see "RC" for the Rampa and similar things for other Elite Trainers. 

ERG Mode Not Working

At this time, for Windows computers, The Sufferfest Training Centre can only control Elite Trainers through the FE-C ANT+ connection. We can control Elite trainers with bluetooth on Mac and iOS devices. Click here to find out more about ANT+ Connections

Check For Firmware Updates

The last thing we will talk about is firmware updates.  Go to the Elite My E-Training App and just check to see that you have the latest firmware.  Simple as that. 

Troubleshooting Articles

Below are common problems that users have connecting Elite Trainers.  Click on the problem that you are having to go into that troubleshooting article.  

  1. ANT+ Dongle Not Being Detected or no FE-C trainer?
  2. ERG Mode Not Working For You?
  3. Sensors Keep Dropping Out/Losing Connection?
  4. Speed and Distance Calculations are off?


Are you still having issues with your Elite Trainer?  Please email and they will be there to help you out.  










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  • Totally lost in setting up Wahoo Kickr and wheel size. My tires are Specialized Roubaix  Pro 23/25mm (700cc) .. 700x23/256 23/25-622 and the Wahoo Kickr Rear Wheel Size is 26" MTB / 700c RD 

  • I have to say that I'm incredibly frustrated that ERG mode on the Elite Diretto still isn't supported over Bluetooth. It works well with other apps. This is a popular trainer that has been out for several months. This is the reason I'm not using Sufferfest right now. I keep checking in hoping something will have changed, but...nothing.

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