Understanding Distance and Speed Calculations



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    Nice to see a little attention to this, but it's still pretty lacking.  I don't see a point in measuring speed from a smart trainer from the actual roller distance.  That's meaningless as pretty much stated in the article.  Might as well not report it all.

    It would be really great if you could just make some assumption about a make-believe but reasonable CdA and rolling resistance and calculate a virtual speed from power using that, assuming everything is flat terrain.  That would give a reasonable metric that kind of equates to real world distance.  Some of us don't have power meters but would like a general idea of total work volume in a month.  In the end, distance just isn't a measure of training effort.  Probably simply hours on the bike is almost as useful and one should consider one's speed and power improvements separately but in combination with that. Still, the first thing anyone asks you when you say you went for a ride is "how far?"

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