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The very first page you should visit in the app is the settings page so you can personalize your app experience. Find out how to do that here.


Then this video has plenty of 'Pro Tips' for using the app:



All the workouts are here. Video and audio files are organized at the highest level by sport: Cycling, Yoga, Mental, and Run-Tri workouts.  Select the category at the top to find your required workout.  Please see the filtering descriptions below.



  1. Filter by Sport
    1. Cycling
    2. Mental Toughness
    3. Yoga
    4. Running + Triathlon
    5. Strength 
  2. Filter by Category
    1. Downloaded
    2. NM (5 Sec) Focus
    3. AC (1 Min) Focus
    4. MAP (5 Min) Focus
    5. FTP (20 Min) Focus
  3. Additional Filters
    1. Alphabetical
    2. Duration
    3. TSS
    4. IF
  4. Search Manually


Although you can stream videos for your workouts, we highly recommend you download the videos first. You'd hate to have a wifi breakdown in the middle of an interval, wouldn't you? To download, just click the download button. Videos will be downloaded within the app and on your main hard drive. You cannot save the videos to any other location at this time. You can cancel or delete downloads from this page by hitting the "Cancel" button or the (x) next to the downloaded video to delete it.  You can also manage downloads from the settings page and the ride check page.  



Snapshot of Video Status Page and Options


The passport page is all about you and your history of suffering. The first page will only be filled in if you have completed the Fitness Test Full Frontal.  You cannot manually enter in 4DP™ numbers to get your rider profile to populate.  



Rider Profile Page After Full Frontal Has Been Completed



The passport page is all about you and your history of suffering. To the left is our workout history.  Each video you have completed will be listed to the left along with the corresponding date of completion and how many times you have done a video. Click any workout to see more details on that session.

Sorting Options

You can sort your past workouts in the passport section.  Just click on the sort option and completed activities can be grouped by the discipline or you can group all videos together to make comparisons.  


Sorting Options For Completed Videos

Once you click on one of your workouts, you will see a list of your workouts related to that video and a quick summary of workout information.  Not sure what some of those acronyms or numbers mean? Read the article Alphabet Soup: Making Sense of 4DP, IF, and TSS to find out more.

Passport Tools

When you pick a workout, you can do quite a few things.

  • Study your workout data to see just how badass you really are. You can scroll down and also see Cadence, Heart Rate, and additional notes you may want to add to your workout.
  • You can delete the workout if it was too couchlandrian.
  • Share to Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect or your email. If you noticed that your workouts are not sharing, please email since we might have a server outage.  
  • Play the video again if you want to relive the suffering.  



Passport View of Completed Workout



Next to activities, is the Achievements section.  Here is where all of the accolades and badass stats of your suffering is displayed.  

  • Awards highlight specific challenges that you've met. Interested in learning more about awards?  Take a look at the article "How To Earn Achievements".  
  • Sessions completed shows all of the videos or audio files you have completed and how many times you have done them.  
  • Badass power records will display your 20 minute, 5 minute, 1 minute, and 5-second power records.
  • The last section, How Do You Compare (COMING SOON) will show you your specific stats compared to all of Sufferlandria.  


Snapshot of the Sufferlandrian Passport and Options

Be warned though, if you haven't used the App for 3 weeks or more, Grunter Von Agony may have labeled you as a Couchlandrian.  More info on the Couchlandrian Tendencies Detector


Okay, that's all done, but when do I get to Suffer!  Very soon, Very soon!  The next article will show you how to connect your sensors and Starting Your First Workout.  


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