Connecting CycleOps Trainers


So, you've decided to Suffer with a CycleOps Trainer.  Marvelous!  We hoped you picked worthy trainers like the Magnus or Hammer. Please note that we do not support the Powerbeam Pro.

There are a few things you need to do before you begin your journey into Sufferlandria in search of Honor, Pain, and Glory.

Troubleshooting Articles

Below are common problems that users have connecting.  Click on the problem that you are having to go into that troubleshooting article.  

  1. ANT+ Dongle Not Being Detected or no FE-C trainer?
  2. ERG Mode Not Working For You?
  3. Sensors Keep Dropping Out/Losing Connection?
  4. Speed and Distance Calculations are off?

If you are still having problems connecting your CycleOps Trainer contact We're here to help you Suffer the right way.


First, we recommended you perform your first spin down calibration with the CycleOps Rouvy App. Spin down improves the accuracy of power readings by determining the power required to overcome friction in the bearings of the trainer and by reseting the trainers internal map it uses to calculate power. Performing a spin down test will also help ensure that everything is working as it should and the Couchlandrians didn't sabotage your trainer on its way to your Torture Chamber.  

*At this time we do not have a spin down function in the Sufferfest Training System. 

Here is a quick guide to navigating the CycleOps Rouvy App for your first spin down test.  

1.  Go to the CycleOps Rouvy App and select "Settings".


2.  Next, pick "Virtual Bike". 


3. Next, make sure your CycleOps trainer is plugged in or you are riding it.  You may need to turn the wheel to wake up your trainer, or yell, "Wake up!" really loudly.  Then, you select your CycleOps Trainer. 


4. From here, select "Calibrate Trainer" to start the factory calibration procedures.


  1. Open up The Sufferfest Training Centre app.  
  2. Select the video that you want to play. You'll enter the Ride Check screen where you can connect to power, heart rate, and cadence sensors. 
  3. Click on is the "Power" section and select the FE-C Trainer option if you are connecting with Ant+/FE-C or select the trainer's name from the list if you are connecting with Bluetooth.


FE-C is a version of the ANT+ communication protocol that allows fitness equipment (FE) like trainers to be controlled (C) by third-party applications. The Magnus will report to the The Sufferfest Training System in two ways, as an FE-C controllable trainer, or as a simple power meter. If you want to use your trainer like a conventional fluid trainer where you have to shift to change resistance, but still want your power readings displayed and recorded, then the Bike Power selection can be used. However, if you want to use ERG mode and have the Minions in the Machine control the resistance of your trainer to match the workout profile, you should use the FE-C Bike Trainer option. 

We can now also use a Bluetooth connection to control the trainer with The Sufferfest App.  Just select the name of your trainer from the list rather than the FE-C option if this is the route that you want to take.


Now you have the option to select whether to ride in Erg mode or Level mode. Erg mode is when the app controls the resistance on the trainer -- no matter how fast you pedal or what gear you're in, the resistance will adjust to match the target you're supposed to hit. Level mode keeps resistance the same and you have to adjust gearing or cadence to change power to hit the targets.

Read the Article "ERG or Level mode? Which to choose for which videos."




The last section we need to look at is the cadence section.  Some trainers, like those from TACX, report cadence without the need for an additional cadence sensor on the crank.  You may see your Magnus trainer showing up as a device in the Cadence menu. In late 2017, CycleOps updated the Magnus to report cadence internally. You will need to make sure to connect to the cadence sensor and not the FE-C trainer/Bike power sensor.  So, save yourself frustration later, make note of the 5-digit code next to your Magnus trainer in the cadence menu. That number is the sensor ID. If you don't see cadence being reported, then head into the Rouvy App and see if your CycleOps Magnus needs a firmware update. 


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  • I went to Rouvy as instructed to do a spin down and discovered they don't have a download for a MacBook pro, which is what I have.  They have IOS software, ostensibly different than standard laptop software.  So... I'm wondering if I'm stuck...  


  • James, you could see if they have an android App?  

  • Rouvy does have a android app. I have used it to update firmware and connect to my cycleops magnus by bluetooth.

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