Saris (CycleOps) Trainers


So, you've decided to Suffer with a Saris (CycleOps) Trainer.  Marvellous!  We hoped you picked worthy trainers like the Magnus or Hammer. Please note that we do not support the Powerbeam Pro.



First, we recommended you perform your first spin down calibration with the Rouvy App. Spin down improves the accuracy of power readings by determining the power required to overcome friction in the bearings of the trainer and by resetting the trainer's internal map it uses to calculate power. Performing a spin down test will also help ensure that everything is working as it should and the Couchlandrians didn't sabotage your trainer on its way to your Torture Chamber.  

*At this time we do not have a spin down function in the Sufferfest Training System. 

Here is a quick guide to navigating the  Rouvy App for your first spin down test.  

1.  Go to the CycleOps Rouvy App and select "Settings".


2.  Next, pick "Virtual Bike". 


3. Next, make sure your Saris trainer is plugged in or you are riding it.  You may need to turn the wheel to wake up your trainer, or yell, "Wake up!" really loudly.  Then, you select your Saris (Cycleops) Trainer. 


4. From here, select "Calibrate Trainer" to start the factory calibration procedures. 

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  • I went to Rouvy as instructed to do a spin down and discovered they don't have a download for a MacBook pro, which is what I have.  They have IOS software, ostensibly different than standard laptop software.  So... I'm wondering if I'm stuck...  


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  • James, you could see if they have an android App?  

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  • Rouvy does have a android app. I have used it to update firmware and connect to my cycleops magnus by bluetooth.

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