ANT+ Isn't Working: Troubleshooting Steps


There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to Suffer greatly and the ANT+ dongle is acting like a Couchlandrian.  The minions at Sufferlandrian services have some tips on getting your ANT+ dongle to work correctly.  We will start with the easiest suggestions first, then move into more complex issues.  Some issues will be discussed in greater detail in other articles.  

Re-insert Your Ant+ Dongle

There are times when the ANT+ USB and the Sufferfest Training System just don't want to play together nicely.  Our first step in troubleshooting this process is to simply unplug and then plug the dongle back in.  Do this a few times or chose a different USB port on your computer.  

Ant+ Dongle Being Hijacked

Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence.  There are a few programs that also use ANT+ dongles.  These programs will hold onto that ANT+ dongle even when they are minimized.  Any program that requires an ANT+ dongle must be closed out all of the way.  ANT+ dongles are very monogamous and will not share with other programs or Apps.  Here are the programs you need to be aware of that commonly hold onto the ANT+ Dongle aggressively. 

  • Zwift
  • TrainerRoad
  • Garmin Connect
  • ANY Training App you can run on your desktop (Elite Mapping Software for Elite Trainers)
  • On Occasion the old FitBit Application for desktops. 

Faulty Ant+ Dongle

This is a rare occurrence but does happen on occasion.  Please reference the article "Connecting ANT+ Devices" to see what we are and are not compatible with.  The easiest way to check and see if your ANT+ dongle is working is to pull up another program that uses an ANT+ dongle.  If it is working there, then we have a different issue.  You can also go into your device settings page on your computer to see if the computer is recognizing your ANT+ dongle.  

If another App or the computer cannot find your ANT+ USB Dongle, it may have given up and kicked the bucket.  You will need to purchase another ANT+ Dongle.  Of note, those who are using a USB extension cable, check that your cable is still good by plugging something else into it.  It would be annoying to buy a new ANT+ Dongle only to realize your USB extension cable was broken instead.  


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