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    Hello, I am just getting started. I currently use Zwift and Strava with a Wahoo Kickr. I am stuck on wheel size and heart rate threshold.

    The wheel size options are totally confusing.

    Regarding heart rate threshold, If I am understanding correctly, if I complete the 4D Power Fitness Test, the system will populate my heart rate threshold for me, correct?

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    Hi Kevin! Thanks for getting in touch with us. You can just use the "default 2096mm" wheel size for the Kickr. If you record your HR on the app during Full Frontal you will be given your LTHR in the activity summary (along with your HR zones). You will need to manually enter your LTHR into your settings after the ride. Once you do that you'll have the correct zones displayed for all of your rides. Hope that helps, happy suffering!

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    My trainer is not that smart - I can't connect it to the app, but I can run the full frontal test and (manually) store the information.  I just can't seem to manually enter the 4dp values without taking the test - any options?


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    Hi guys,

    Same here. I'm just starting to set up my new Kickr but been struggling with a couple of things. First of all, I'd like to enter the values of the full frontal test I did a couple of weeks ago at my local bikeshop but can't find the way to do it. Second, I just gave it a try to one of the available training sessions last night and noticed that the app didn't seem to be controlling the resistance on my trainer so I'm wondering what I might be missing (I'm running the app on Windows 10 and connecting to the Kickr through a USB ANT dongle).

    It'd be great to read your thoughts on these guys. Thanks!

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    Cody Moore


    I am sorry to report that there is not currently a way to manually adjust your 4DP numbers without first taking the Full Frontal test in the App.  You do need some kind of power connection as well.  This can be a smart trainer, power meter, or virtual power.

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