Spindown For Smart Trainers


Each training company has a different way they conduct the spindown function with smart trainers. Wahoo, TACX, and Elite are the easiest ones to compare. Sufferlandrians need to use the spindown function with the parent company's app. Let's look at three examples.

Wahoo Trainers

Wahoo requires that you do the "Advanced SpinDown" with the Wahoo utility App the first time you use your trainer.  This is especially important to get accurate and reliable power numbers.  Sufferlandrians who do not do the "Advanced SpinDown" may experience problems with their trainer properly controlling resistance.  

Wahoo KICKR Article

Wahoo KICKR Snap Article


TACX Trainers

TACX has unique method of spinning down their trainers.  They help guide you in regards to the correct tire contact.  Sufferlandrians need to use the TACX Utility App in order to get the correct tire contact with the trainer's roller.  It is a unique way of doing a spindown that enhances precision when reporting power numbers. 

TACX Trainer Article


Elite Trainers

Elite Trainers do not do traditional spin downs.  Elite trainers need a P1, P2, and P3 value with a power meter to report accurately.  Sufferlandrians must enter the Elite MyEtraining App to do the proper calibration with their Elite trainer.  There is an article here that discusses the Spin down procedure for the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ and an article here that discusses the spin-down of the Elite Rampa trainer.  

Elite Trainer Article


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