Full Frontal and 4DP™ Training Resources


So, you want to know more about Full Frontal and Four Dimensional Power™ (4DP)?  We have some great training articles on our website that can help give you a better understanding of our new and ground breaking program. 

Do you want to know how to get the most out of the Full Frontal Fitness Test?  This article will help guide you.

How to Get The Most out of Full Frontal

Do you want to know more about the Full Frontal Fitness Test and how that integrates with our 4DP™ metric?  Check out this article that talks about.... 

4DP™/Full Frontal Fitness Test FAQ

Want to learn more about your Four Dimensional Power™ Profile and why it is better than just training on FTP below?  Follow this article below. 

Learn More About Your Four-Dimensional Power Profile

You are assigned a rider type, but what are they and what do they mean?  Learn more about rider types in this article below.  

Learn More About Rider Types

We also have two more articles below to answer more of your questions.

Learn More About the 4DP™ Workout Rating System

Learn More About Primary Strengths, Areas for Improvement and Recommendations

Now that you understand what Full Frontal is, how we use it to set your Four Dimensional Power™, what do I do with the Primary Strengths and Areas of Improvement I am seeing?  Read more below.  




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