iOS Device Compatability, Bluetooth, and ANT + Adapters




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    James Tepedino

    can i use my iphone 6s to connect to garmin's speed and cadences sensor using strava or mapmyride


    thank you

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    @James Tepedino

    forget the hassle with Dongle and Adapter to make the Sensor work for Garmin. 

    Try this one, it has both Protokoll ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 LE and both are  working at the same time. So you are able to use it at your Garmin Tracker AND Runtastic, Bikebrain, Stava and so on. The only limitation I've found at my Vivoactive HR is, you have to wait until the sensor is connected to the App at the Tracker, otherwise the cadence is not logged. The Sensor is cheaper as the Dongle and Adaptor mentioned above.

    That's round about 32 Bucks plus international shipping.

    Also the Coospo H6 Heart rate Sensor with BLE and ANT+ is working the same way.

    regards from Germany

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    malcolm clark

    Malcolm Clark

    can I use my iphone 5s to connect to Garmin speed and Cadence sensor using my Garmin Vivosmart HR



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