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    Thumbs down as almost at end of 2017 and still no word of an Android based system!

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    Tom Culpepper

    I just canceled my account after reading this.  Android app has been promised since I subscribed over a year ago and still no app.  I actually meant to cancel months ago since I had stopped using it due to not wanting to tote around my laptop.  Make an app and I'll reconsider.  Iooks like zwift will get my money until then!

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    Michel Binet

    ...Same here..!

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    Kevin J Smith

    The people are demanding an update regarding an Android App! It is now March 2018 and we would appreciate something after waiting for a response for all of 2017!

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    Minna Hayman

    I add my voice to the Android users group - please get the app sorted for Android asap as it really does not serve your customers to give timelines and blithely passing them without any update.

    There are plenty of potential Android customers who will stay away - or give up the subscription because of the lack of the app. 

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    Liam O'Grady

    Adding my voice to the android pile, half the world has android

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    Robert Gil

    Are Android app in roadmap?

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