Configuring Virtual Watts in The App




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    Tim van Halteren

    Even though the Mac OS/x application does see my speed/cadence and heart rate sensors I keep having to set the Virtual Power meter settings (Selecting Kinetic Rock and Roll and selecting my speed/cadence sensor. My setup never changes, so why do I keep having to enter this info before starting a workout?

    I'm not sure what triggers this but it looks like if it doesn't see the speed/cadence sensor (because it isn't awoken yet or it fell asleep again), it removes the selected sensor from the Virtual Power setting.

    Once the workout has started there are no more problems.


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    Aaron Johnson

    Thanks for that feedback Tim!  I will ask the Minions at App Development about that.  Maybe there is something we can do about the App remembering which trainer you are using.  This way you won't have to keep selecting it.  Happy Suffering!

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    Aaron Johnson

    Hi James,

    Do you mean the list of trainers for virtual power when you are using the App?  Or, do you mean the list of trainers in the help article?


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    Hi my machine does the same when using virtual power. It seems at the beginning of each ride a ride check needs to be done on the power meter. If not an error message pops up saying unable to connect to devices. 

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