Device Connection Troubles - iOS Troubleshooting Steps


Ant+ Sensors Won't Connect

Our iOS app doesn't support Ant+ device connections.  For more on this please check out our Ant+ connections article.

Restart Protocol

Always try restarting your iOS device and see if that helps the situation...  If not proceed to the steps below.

  1. Delete The Sufferfest app off of your device.  Don't worry, your workouts and information in your passport are saved on The Sufferlandrian Servers. They will still be there. If you have downloaded some of the videos though they will be lost when you uninstall The Sufferfest App. Please remember, also, that when you download the app again in Step 3 you will download the latest version. You need to have the minimum required iOS version to load the app again.
  2. Restart your iOS device.
  3. Download The Sufferfest App again and set it back up.  

The Battle For Sensor Control

One of the things that we have noticed at Sufferlandrian Services, is the battle for control of sensors.  Maybe you just finished a workout yesterday using your Mac Sufferfest App, but now you are trying to use the iOS Sufferfest App.  Sometimes, the Sufferfest App running in the background of another iOS device or currently running on your Mac App still has ownership of the sensors.  This battle can cause problems when trying to connect sensors.  

  1. Disable Bluetooth on your other devices.
  2. Ensure you connect to the Sufferfest App first, before you connect to another App.
  3. Close down any other Apps that may be used to provide software updates to your sensors.  

Other Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth speakers and headphones have been known to cause enough interference to prevent some devices from connecting to The Sufferfest app.  When you are working through these issues please completely disconnect your other Bluetooth devices.

Sensor Batteries

It is important that we change our batteries to see if that is the problem.  Battery life directly affects the communication of our sensors.  Low batteries can limit the range of the sensor and cause connection issues.

Sensor Maintenance and Validation

Sometimes we just love Suffering and Suffering and just forget about the small things like washing our Heart rate strap.  Here are some maintenance tips for getting your sensors working properly again.  

-Is your Heart Rate chest strap covered in the glorious salt of suffering?  It may be time to wash our strap so it functions at its full potential.  Also, how are those connectors looking?  Salt corrodes metal, we might need to do some maintenance there.  

-Is your magnet still aligned with your speed or cadence device? 

-If the sensor has a light, can we get down there and validate that the light is flashing on the device.  If not, we probably need new batteries.  

-Lastly, let's validate that another device or App can connect to the sensor.  This can be done by simply connecting our Garmin device or any other App to the sensor.

Update Sensor Software 

Your sensors may need their firmware updated.  This is usually evident when the Sufferfest App updates and some of your sensors no longer work.  The Minions at App development work closely with all of the companies that make and maintain sensors and power meters.  We patch our App whenever a company makes a major software change.  This ensures that our App works as intended with all sensors.  If the sensor has the old software after we upgraded it in the Sufferfest App, you could lose the connection.  

Communications Interference

ANT +, Bluetooth, and your Wifi all are running at 2.4 GHz.  This can be problematic if your wireless Wifi Router is right next to your Pain Cave.  To test if the Wifi Router is affecting your device connections, turn it off and see if you can connect your sensors.  If that is the problem, then follow this link to Learn how to change your WiFi channel.

Distance and Obstructions

We must ensure that our iDevice is close enough to receive the signal that our sensors or transmitting.  Furthermore, obstacles and obstructions may interfere with detection.

iDevice Energy Save Mode

If your iDevice has or is in Energy Save Mode because of low batteries, it could be lowering the power output to your Bluetooth receiver or turning it off completely to save power.  Make sure you are not in Energy Save Mode.  



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  • It appears that the latest version of iOS (11.2.1) has broken the Wahoo ANT+ key. It now displays a notice "This accessory is not supported by this iPad." I don't know if you have any suggestions for a workaround, or what other way to use an iOS device with the Sufferfest app. In the mean time, perhaps Gunter should visit Cupertino, CA and bring a box of pain suckers for holidays.

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  • Hello John,

    We have just been dealing with this today.  It looks like iOS 11.2.1 does not like the Wahoo ANT+ dongle.  I have gotten it to work, but you need to restart the iOS device and plug the dongle in 2 to 10 times before it finally connects.  We are talking to Wahoo about this today. 


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  • Hi ,don’t know what happened in the last week, was there a update?


    i am struggling to use my sufferfest on my iPad and my Mac.

    will this problem persist?


    please advise. Don’t like to pay for a app that does not work with my censors up till a week ago and then dont.

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  • Hi Aaron, I use Powertap P1 pedals that broadcast over BTE. I don’t have the Ant+ dongles. 

    My problem is twofold - today I did the 4DP test using my Tacx avortex for power. Checking that against my pedals shows it’s significantly under the pedals reading. For instance I was holding 220-230w and the Vortex was showing 180. 

    I would connect the pedals but my left leg is a lot weaker than my right so as I can only connect one the reading will be off one way or the other. 

    So - is there a way for you guys to design the app so we can connect pedals and get a total power reading that way? 

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