iOS Troubleshooting Sensor/PowerMeter Connections




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    John Arnold

    It appears that the latest version of iOS (11.2.1) has broken the Wahoo ANT+ key. It now displays a notice "This accessory is not supported by this iPad." I don't know if you have any suggestions for a workaround, or what other way to use an iOS device with the Sufferfest app. In the mean time, perhaps Gunter should visit Cupertino, CA and bring a box of pain suckers for holidays.

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    Aaron Johnson

    Hello John,

    We have just been dealing with this today.  It looks like iOS 11.2.1 does not like the Wahoo ANT+ dongle.  I have gotten it to work, but you need to restart the iOS device and plug the dongle in 2 to 10 times before it finally connects.  We are talking to Wahoo about this today. 


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    Hi ,don’t know what happened in the last week, was there a update?


    i am struggling to use my sufferfest on my iPad and my Mac.

    will this problem persist?


    please advise. Don’t like to pay for a app that does not work with my censors up till a week ago and then dont.

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    Robert Huggins

    Hi Aaron, I use Powertap P1 pedals that broadcast over BTE. I don’t have the Ant+ dongles. 

    My problem is twofold - today I did the 4DP test using my Tacx avortex for power. Checking that against my pedals shows it’s significantly under the pedals reading. For instance I was holding 220-230w and the Vortex was showing 180. 

    I would connect the pedals but my left leg is a lot weaker than my right so as I can only connect one the reading will be off one way or the other. 

    So - is there a way for you guys to design the app so we can connect pedals and get a total power reading that way? 

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