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    Ian Reeves

    Is the spin down calibration one that you can do via the sufferfest app option, or the one native to the Kickr?

    Perhaps a true sufferlandrian does both to make it harder...?

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    Dan Whiley

    Hey folks,  "The Wahoo KICKR is fully compatible with The Sufferfest app in both ERG and standard modes" isn't quite (i.e. at all) accurate.  It only works in standard mode for Windows app and Mac app.  Unless this has changed, in which case, please can you show the world how to make this work?

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    Aaron Johnson

    Hello Dan, we are full compatible with ANT+ and smart trainer control.  You can head to this article here: Connecting ANT+ Devices .  Bluetooth control is a bit different.  We have full bluetooth control on iOS and are building back bluetooth control for Mac this January.  However, we have no plans for bluetooth control on Windows at this time. 

    You can also look at the article Starting Your First Workout that talks about connecting equipment and smart trainers.  

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    Dan Whiley

    Hey Aaron,

    Humble pie time.  Looks like my Gen 1 Kickr needed a Firmware update to make it work. RTFM, I suppose.

    Off to do the Sufday Kitchen Sink as penance...




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    Robert Rheault

    Hi Aaron,

    My KICKR power numbers are consistently higher than the numbers from my P1s. I now configured the Wahoo app like described in the section: Control the KICKR with ANT+ Power Meter. When I use The Sufferfest Windows app with an Ant+ dongle and open the Wahoo app on my iPhone at the same time, will the P1s power output increase the KICKR's resistance to match the P1s power readings?

    For example, let's say The Sufferfest target power is 200w and the power from my P1s is 185, will the KICKR use The Sufferfest target power to adjust resistance (too low) or use the power readings from the P1s and increase/decrease resistance to match?

    EDIT: I just tried it with the Butter workout. The KICKR resistance seems to be increasing/decreasing based on the P1s power readings. It's not a perfect match, but much better than before. Can't wait for The Sufferfest to have power match built in though. It will make things simpler and more integrated.



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    Totally lost in setting up Wahoo Kickr and wheel size. My tires are Specialized Roubaix  Pro 23/25mm (700cc) .. 700x23/256 23/25-622 and the Wahoo Kickr Rear Wheel Size is 26" MTB / 700c RD 

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    Walter Richardson

    23-622 is 2096mm and 25-622 is 2111mm guess you're in between somewhere? Pick a number in that range. If you are off a bit it isn't problem the simulation will just be (very slightly) higher or lower geared. You will exert the same power and energy no matter where you set the circumference on the KICKR. It is far more important that the cassette on your KICKR is the same as on your wheel if you mean to make your simulated experience like riding your bike outdoor. I have a high geared TT bike and to emulate the mountain day set up by Chris Froome all I have to do is set the wheel circumference to 1215mm while the bike is easier (or possible) to pedal on 17-18% grades it spins out at a much slower speed so all I am doing it using software to simulate changing out my chainring. A little math (run now!) (chainring teeth actual) x (wheel circumference "set to") / (cog teeth actual) = (chainring teeth desired) x ( wheel circumference actual) / (cog size desired) then just solve for (wheel circumference set to) ie Froome uses 36x34 (lowest gear) and my bike is 42x23 (with 23-622 tires) so WCST= 36x23x2096/(42x34)=1215.327731. Since this method doesn't change my cassette spacing it is like I only changed my chainring. A little more math (take my word for it this time shows I could achieve the same results by putting a 24 tooth chainring on my bike (which is mechanically impossible). 

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