Compatible Sensors & Power Meters


One of the benefits of The Sufferfest app is the seamless integration of power, cadence, speed, and heart rate data, allowing you to train smarter and maximise your Return on Suffering. In order to take advantage of this functionality, you need to ensure your sensors are compatible. There are two types of ways sensors can connect:

  • ANT+ 
  • Bluetooth Smart (also called Bluetooth LE or BLE).

Some sensors transmit simultaneously over both protocols, making it easier to connect to a wide variety of devices. Unfortunately, some manufacturers opt not to use these open standards, choosing instead to design their sensors to work only with their own software. If you don't see your sensor listed below, there may still be hope.  Please, submit a help request here with the make and model of your sensor, being sure to include as much detailed information as possible. You can also contact the manufacturer of your sensor and ask them if they transmit their ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart signal for third party app use.


Wahoo Fitness

We also have a master list of compatible equipment HERE. 


We fully support the following Kurt Kinetic products:

  • Dual Band Heart Rate Monitor
  • InRide 3 Sensor
  • Road Machine Smart 2
  • Rock and Roll Smart 2
  • R1
  • Road Machine Smart
  • Rock and Roll Smart
  • Control Power Unit

We have limited support for the following Kurt Kinetic Products

  • Road Machine Smart Control
  • Rock and Roll Smart Control
  • Smart Control Resistance Unit


We support all Garmin Sensors. You will need an ANT+ dongle or USB stick to connect your Garmin Devices.  For more information on connecting and troubleshooting ANT+ devices, see our Connecting ANT+ Devices guide.

  • Garmin GSC-10
  • Garmin Speed Sensor
  • Garmin Cadence Sensor
  • Garmin Heart Rate Strap
  • Garmin Vector Power Meter
    • Vector 3 pedals will now transmit via Bluetooth after the latest Garmin firmware update

Wahoo Fitness

We support all Wahoo Fitness Products.  Wahoo transmits across both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart on open channels that easily accessible with The Sufferfest app. 

  • Wahoo TICKR HR monitor
  • Wahoo TICKR Run HR Monitor
  • Wahoo TICKR X HR Monitor (Cadence Not Compatible with App)
  • Wahoo BLUE SC Speed and Cadence Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor
  • Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor 
  • Wahoo KICKR
  • Wahoo KICKR Snap


The Viiiiva Bridge is compatible

The Precision Power Meter is compatible


We only support the ANT+ heart rate belt OS X.  The ANT+ Suunto Heart belt will not work with our Windows App.  The Suunto basic heart rate belt does not broadcast on an open ANT+ channel and doesn't work with any of our Apps.  

  • Suunto Bluetooth HR Sensor works for OS X only.  
  • Suunto Speed and Cadence Sensor will work for all Apps. 


  • Polar Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensors 
  • Polar H10 HR Strap Bluetooth
  • Polar H7 HR Strap Bluetooth 


We can connect to CycleOps sensors only if they are broadcasting over open ANT+ Channels.  Please contact cycleops to see if your specific series of sensors is broadcasting an open ANT+ Signal.  Older CycleOps sensors broadcast over ANT (non +) only and we are not compatible. 

  • Cycleops HR Monitor
  • Cyclops Speed/Cadence sensors


The new Panobike sensors are transmitting via Bluetooth 4.0 and are supported.

  • Panobike HR Monitor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)
  • Panobike Speed and Cadence Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)


We support the Bontranger ANT+ sensors. 

  • Bontranger HR Monitor
  • Bontranger Speed and Cadence sensor
  • Bontranger DuoTrap


We support the Bluetooth enabled Jarv sensors. 

  • Jarv Bluetooth 4.0 Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)
  • Jarv Run BT Premium Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Heart Rate Sensor (only compatible with iOS and Mac App)

BRAGI DASH Headphones

The Sufferfest Training Centre is compatible with the Bragi Dash Headphones.  Users must make sure they are using the left earphone to pair the Bluetooth Heart Rate sensor.  The right earphone is used to pair the audio.  

Jabra Elite Sports Earbugs

These will transmit Heart Rate Data and the signal is picked up by the App.  


(* indicates via ANT+ connection only. Bluetooth Smart not currently supported for those models)

  • Stages
  • *Quarq
  • *SRM (See Special Notes below)
  • *Garmin Vector 
  • *Rotor
  • *Pioneer (See Special notes Below)
  • *Power2Max
  • *PowerTap (includes PowerCal)
  • PowerTap C1
  • *PowerTap P1 (We do not support the PowerTap P1S)
  • *Brim Brothers
  • *Pioneer
  • *Verve Info Crank
  • *bePro
  • Favero Assiamo Duo and Uno 
  • Any ANT+ or BLTE Power Meter

(Special Notes)  SRM is currently only "conditionally" supported, and then only with more recent models. Some of the newer SRM models may broadcast power-only messages that can be read by The Sufferfest app. Older SRM models only broadcast CTF (Crank Torque Frequency) messages that The Sufferfest app does not support.  We will not be supporting the older SRM communication protocol. 

(Special Notes) Pioneer units operate in two modes, Pedal Monitor Mode and Power Meter Mode.  The Sufferfest Training Centre cannot read the unit if it is in Pedal Monitor Mode, only the Cyclocomputer can read that code.  You will need to put your Pioneer in Power Meter Mode.  That will have it transmit a standard power meter signal over ANT+.  To change the mode you need to press and hold the white button that sits below the coin battery until it flashes (about 2secs). 

If you need further help, please submit a help request here.


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  • Hello Christian,

    We have a problem with the TICKR X using bluetooth for the Mac App.  It is going to take a full rebuild over the next 4 months to get it fixed.  You can use ANT+ and it should be working.  For iOS the TICKR X should be working.  You will have to email so we can log the issue if it is not. 

    For the 4iiii power meter, we only need you to connect to power in the power section for iOS and OS X.  The App will know to pull cadence from that power meter.  This means you leave the cadence section blank for now.  We will be changing this in the future to work like the Windows App.  This means you would be able to connect your power meter in the cadence section also.  

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  • Aaron,

    while the Powertap P1s pedals seem to indeed double report power in the iOS app, they seem to work fine under the MacOS app. This was even true in version 4.0.


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  • Hey Kirk, I'm trying to track this down.  Is the double reporting only happening with Bluetooth on iOS? 

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  • Correct.  I use Bluetooth on both my iPhone and laptop and it only happens on my iPhone.

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  • Okay thanks Kirk.  I thought it was bluetooth on all Apps, but this seems to only be a problem with iPhone.  I'll need to record that. 

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  • It was a happy surprise for me that it worked correctly under MacOS.

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  • Aaron, a quick question: I know how to use my power meter with the app, and I know how to pair a speed sensor using virtual power. I do like how, when using the speed sensor and virtual power, I get to have a distance and average speed on the workout logs, e.g. on strava. Now it seems that if I connect my power meter, I loose the ability to also connect a speed sensor and thus I loose the distance and speed information. Of course, power meter is preferable over virtual power, so any tips how I could use them both at the same time?

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  • Hello Christian, and I don't have a good answer. 

    Basically, we don't have a Watts to Kilo calculation or the ability to add speed sensors with power meters.  This means we can't record the distance or speed when using a power meter.  This is something we are looking at changing in the future.  

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  • Too bad. It seems all the bits are there in the app: clearly the app can record speed and distance info (which it does when using virtual power and a speed sensor) and clearly the app can use a power meter as main power input. It's just that presently, the user is not given the choice to use both at the same time, since speed sensor selection is not a choice when using power meter.

    This may not seem like a big deal, but I personally spend a lot of time on the trainer (long Ontario winters) and really want my indoor mileage reflected in my annual totals, so what I end up doing a lot is using zwift while watching old sufferfest videos from the pre-app days, even though I'd really prefer using the SF app directly (especially now with new the 4DP stuff, the target power numbers on the screen and the newer content) but I can't really justify paying for two indoor cycling app subscriptions...


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  • Aaron, first of all let me say thanks for a great app. I love it. One of the reasons for this love is portability. I work as an airline pilot and spend at least 2 nights a weeks in hotels. This leaves me using the app on stationary Hotel gym bikes. Not ideal, but they get the job done. I would like to start training with power through the sufferfest app. The only way I see this as being possible is with a pedal based system, powertap P1 seeming to be the best option. However I’m not sure if this will work based on what I’m reading above. I run the app on my iPad, and I can’t receive Ant+, only BLE. Am I understanding this right? If I am able the connect the power meter, is there a way to set crank arm length in the app? Thanks, Justin

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  • Justin, I use the single-sided P1s pedals with Sufferfest and overall they work really well (except for the double reporting problem under iOS but you would avoid that with the double-sided P1 pedals).  One uses the free PowerTap app to set the crank length.  This value is stored on the pedals, so the Sufferfest app doesn't need to bother with it.  I also do the zero offset in the PowerTap app prior to a Sufferfest workout as well.   -Kirk

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  • Hello Justin, and I hear your pain.  I do travel somewhat also and getting power to the App would be great.  We just need to make a deal with some of these US hotel chains to buy into our App and get some nicer bikes like the Stages SC3, Wattbike Atom, or Schwinn with the Echelon 2.  

    The powertap P1S will double report on the bluetooth connection with iOS.  It's a bummer right now and happens with 4iiii also.  You might want to look at the Garmin Vector 2s/3s which doesn't have that issue.  The double reporting happens on PowerTap because they communicate differently when running single and double sided.  We have to build code for the single sided still.  

    I'm assuming your are going to bring your pedal with you to the gym and also a tool to pull off the pedal on the Hotel bike.  That would work, but if you want accurate numbers I would get the ANT+ dongle since we do pull the P1s correctly with ANT+.  Or, you can buy the Vector 2s/3s.  

    The only other obstacle I see with the single power meter and using it at a hotel, is the other pedal.  Most hotel gyms don't use the Look system and they only work with SPD.  I don't know of any power meter pedal system that uses SPD.  I think they are all Look which is crazy to me.  

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  • Thanks for the reply. All the hotel bikes I use are Lifefitness and the like. I would bring a tool to swap both pedals and my own shoes. You mention the issue with the P1S, but what about the P1?

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  • Justin, the P1 is good to go.  

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  • Is there an ETA on when the 4iiii single sided power meter issue will be patched?  Or if there are plans?  I'm sure you guys are unbelievably busy, so any response enormously appreciated.  Thanks so much!

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  • Hi Aaron, So the PowerTap P1 pedals are good to go? Am I right to assume that since only the left pedal connects via BLE, that both left and right are reported through it? Also is there a way to apply 3s power smoothing in the app, using the raw data can be pretty annyoing to try and sit on a number. Thanks!

    Update: I have compared the files from my Garmin, connected via Ant+, and the Sufferfest app, connected via BLE, and there is about a 10-15w difference in most cases and in the Average watts and normalized watts. is this becuase the BLE connection for the P1 is actully only doubling the power value recieved from 1 of the pedals and not taking both values

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  • Hey there,

    the bePro pedals are listed as compatible power meters.

    Anyone tried their successor products (Assioma Favero UNO and Assioma Favero DUO - see

    They have ANT+ and BLE so I would assume they just work fine(?)

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  • Cancelled my subscription. No bluetooth support on W10. No android App. It is 2018!

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  • BLE is not mature for power meters and heart rate straps. People need to be more patient and not blame service providers. Blame the manufacturers for failing to support their hardware at a level comparable to Ant+.


    I'm buying mostly dual-mode sensors and head units now. I have Forerunner 935 (and a Fenix 5) with dual mode sensors all around. I'm using only Ant+ for a number of reasons, mostly Cycling Dynamics with Vector 3 pedals. If BLE catches up I will be thrilled to use my Android phone for realtime displays as I capture BLE datastreams but right now it's not worth fooling with. 


    I'm posting this comment because I have a problem with my Kagura Smart. It works fine in FEC mode but the power reported is less than 50% compared to the calibrated Vector 3 (dual power). I'm using a Windows 10 laptop with USB Ant+ transceiver. 


    The easiest solution would be to use the Vector 3 for power in the The Sufferfest but I don't know how to do that without removing the FEC controller. Right now I have to ride and put up with the "nagging" of the lower reported power while gauging my efforts according to indicated power on the Garmin watch. 


    Another option would be using the Vector 3 profile to help calibrate the Kagura readings.


    I can't see anything on the Kagura or The Sufferfest drivers/control panel to deal with either option to fix my problem. 


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