Compatible Trainers for Virtual Watts


As Grunter von Agony once said, "With Virtual Watts comes virtual responsibility." We're not quite sure what that means, but we're certainly not going to question his authority. You may have heard whispers about "Virtual Watts" and what it can do for your training. If not, let's give some quick background:

Simply put, Virtual Watts is way to calculate how much wattage you're generating while suffering without having to invest in a bona fide power meter. It's the calculation of the speed of either your rear wheel or the flywheel of your trainer mapped against the unique power curve of your trainer. A trainer's power curve refers to the relationship between your speed and the resistance offered by the trainer. This relationship can be a straight line (linear) or a curve (progressive), or however the manufacturer decides to design it. Each model of trainer has a unique power curve. If The Sufferfest app knows how fast you're going based upon the information transmitted by your speed sensor, and knows the power curve of your specific trainer, it can calculate how many watts you're generating at a given time. This measurement, known as Virtual Watts, is calculated by our app and displayed on screen to help you structure your training and maximise your Return on Suffering.

Which brings us to compatibility. The critical variable required for The Sufferfest Training System to calculate Virtual Watts (apart from speed) is your trainer's power curve. If we know that, huzzah! We see epic suffering in your future. If the power curve of your trainer is not in our database or the manufacturer hasn't made it available, then we can't calculate Virtual Watts.

Below is an alphabetical list of all the conventional, non-smart trainers we've integrated with The Sufferfest Training System to allow calculation of Virtual Watts. When we mention specific levels we support, that refers to the resistance level you set on your trainer. If your trainer is not listed, never fear, we are actively pursuing companies for their Virtual Watts Slope so we can integrate it within The Sufferfest app.


Questions about how to use the Generic Trainer option? Email


Current List of Supported Wind, Magnetic, and Fluid Trainers:

BT Advanced Training Systems
Inside Ride
Kurt Kinetic
Lemond Revolution


-BKool One (Settings are for bike + rider 50kg, 83kg, and 95kg)


-Tech Mag 6 is supported on levels 1 through 6.  

-Blackburn Tech Fluid


-We do support the BT-ATS training system.  Similar to the Lemond Revolution, this device will report via ANT+ to The Sufferfest App and we can then estimate Virtual Watts.  If you are having connection problems with the sensors on the BT-ATS and your bike.  Go into the App, and manually disconnect all your connections and then select them individually in the Power, HR, and Cadence section.  Hitting Scan for devices may not pull up all of your sensors initially.  Closing all the sensors and re-connecting them seems to work well.  



-Cascade Fluid Pro Trainer: We currently only have the power curve for the Cascade Fluid Pro Trainer but are working with the company for their new release of trainers coming out soon.



The Sufferfest can support the Cateye CS-1000 in the No Fan Mode at 0% and 2%.  We had a Sufferlandrian blow the dust off the Cateye manual to bring you this one.  



We can support the Computrainer on Level 5 resistance mode.  You will have to set that with the head unit and then use a speed sensor on your bike's rear tire.  You will be setting up Virtual Watts, instead of smart trainer control.  We do not have any other Levels for the Computrainer at this time.  We will not be supporting the unique protocol needed to control the Computrainer since they have gone out of business.  



This is another very popular trainer among Sufferlandrian adherents of Virtual Watts.  We support the three main types of CycleOps trainers.

-CycleOps Mag Trainer Level 1 and Level 5 resistance.

-CycleOps Magneto

-CycleOps Jetfluid Pro


-CycleOps Fluid2

-CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro

Levels Easy, Road, Interval, and Mountain

-CycleOps Wind Trainer

-CycleOps Aluminum Rollers supported with Level 0 through Level 5

*Picture Forthcoming



For additional information and help on setting up Elite trainers please head over to our Connecting Elite Trainers article.

-The Elite Turbo Muin is a direct-drive trainer, so you will not be able to attach a speed sensor to use it with the standard virtual watts set up. You will need to use Elite's Misuro B+ unit to report power, cadence, and speed directly to the app. DO NOT SELECT THE ELITE TURBO MUIN SMART B+ 157mm Wheel size in settings, select the STANDARD WHEEL SIZE.  

-Arion Mag is supported for resistance levels 0, 1, and 2.   

-Qubo Power Fluid and Qubo Power Smart B+

-Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel Round (this will work for the Fluid Primo also)

-Crono Power Fluid


-Elite Novo Force and Novo Force Power Pack

Elite designed two Novo Force trainers.  The NovoForce has 5 resistance levels and the NovoForce Power Pack has 8 resistance levels.

**For the Novo Mag Force with 8 Levels, use the Super Crono Mag Force power curve since it's the same power unit.  

If you have an older generic Elite Mag trainer, select this trainer


-Elite Volare Fluid

-Volare Mag Elastogel Levels 1 through 5

-Elite SuperCrono HydroMag Seven Resistance Settings of Low through High.

-Elite Qubo Fluid + 

-SuperCrono Mag Force (Also SuperCrono Power Mag Elastogel) Resistance Setting 1 through 8.  

-Qubo Power Mag/Qubo Power Mag Smart B+/SuperCrono Power Mag (Resistance Level 1 through 8)


-Elite Tuno Fluid Alu (different than the Tuno Fluid Power Pack)

-Elite Tuno Fluid Power Pack 


-Elite Arion Mag Rollers (Red and Aluminum have the same power curve) Resistance Setting 1 and 2.  Couchlandrians only use setting zero.  

Elite Aluminum Rollers. Same power curve as the red rollers.


-Arion Parabolic Rollers 

-E-Motion Rollers Level 0, 1, and 2 (*Quick Motion users select this trainer)

-Elite Misuro Blu

We currently support the Elite Misuro Blu. However, you must ensure that your Elite Trainer has the "Misuro Compatible" sticker on the frame.  If you are unsure, we recommend emailing Elite directly at    Further information on the Misuro sensor can be located here

-Other Elite Trainers

Elite has produced a volcano-load of trainer models over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, The Sufferfest does not have a power curve for all of them. The following is a general guide for substituting your Elite Trainer with a known power curve in our The Sufferfest app.  

Use the NovoForce Mag for:

  • Elite Volare Mag (non-elastogel)

Use the NovoForce Level 3 for: 

  • E-Force Level 4

Use the Arion Mag on Level 2 for:

  • Novo Mag Speed Aluminum
  • SuperCrono Mag Aluminum
  • SuperCrono Mag Gel
  • Novo Power Mag

Use the Qubo Power Fluid for:

  • Power Fluid Ritmo
  • Power Fluid

Feedback Sports

-Omnium Rollers (Omnium No-Drive) curve set for 150lb rider at 100psi.

Inside Ride

-Emotion Rollers For 170lb rider with bike on Levels 0, 1, 2, and 3. 


-Z1 Fluid Pro is supported by the Sufferfest App.  All that is required is a ANT + or BLE speed sensor.

-Z2 Fluid Trainer is supported by the Sufferfest App.  All that is required is a ANT + or BLE speed sensor.


-Whisper Drive is supported by the Sufferfest App.  We have power curves from Level 1 to Level 7. 

-M1 and M1 Pro is supported by The Sufferfest app.  We have power curves from Level 1 to Level 5. 

-M5 and M5 Pro is supported by The Sufferfest app.  


-S1 Sport is supported by The Sufferfest app. 


-4.5 Rollers with Headwind Fan is supported with the 1/2 fan setting. We also support the 2.25 Rollers with the 1/2 Fan and No Fan settings and the 3" rollers with no Fan.  


One of the most popular trainers that Sufferlandrians use. 

We Support the following Kurt Kinetic Trainers:

  • Kurt Kinetic Road machine
  • Kurt Kinetic Cyclone
  • Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll

The Kurt Kinetic Pro Flywheel

Buying the Kurt Kinetic Pro Flywheel does help with road feel on the Kurt Kinetic trainers.  Sufferlandrians have asked if this monster flywheel will effect the power curve.  Kurt Kinetic has stated that the Pro Flywheel will have no effect on the power curve for their trainers.  

The Kurt Kinetic Smart Trainers are a little different.  We will talk about that real quickly.  As you can see from the image below, a magnet is attached to the flywheel.  As this magnet rotates, it reports "Virtual Watts" through the bluetooth device attached at the flywheel.  So, this device is just reporting revolutions and then using a power curve to calculate "Virtual Watts" just like The Sufferfest app does with a speed sensor. 

The Kurt Kinetic InRide Power Pod is not supported at this time. 


The Lemond Revolution is a direct-drive resistance trainer that uses the wind to provide resistance.  Since the wheel is off, you must have the Wattbox to report power in the power section of the App.  If you do not have the Wattbox, then you can simply tape a Garmin GSC-10 to pick up the magnet on the interior wheel. The picture below shows where and what the Wattbox looks like.  You will have to move the GSC-10 to figure out the exact location of the magnet inside and attached to the wheel. 


Currently we support the following Minoura Trainers:






-B60 with or without the remote







-RevBox is a wind resistance trainer that is supported by The Sufferfest.  It comes with two sensors, one for cadence and one that is used to track Virtual Watts.  

As you can see from the image below, you just need to ensure the appropriate sensor is connected for cadence and power.  





-Sirius Level 1 through 9. 

-Satori is supported by The Sufferfest App for resistance levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.   

-Blue Motion is supported by The Sufferfest app for resistance levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

-Bushido T2970 is supported at 0% slope.

-Swing is supported in levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. 

-Blue Twist is supported by The Sufferfest app for resistance levels 1, 3, 5, and 7.

-Blue Flow is supported by The Sufferfest app for resistance levels 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. 

-Booster T-2500 is supported by The Sufferfest app for Levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.  

-Blu Matic is supported for Resistance Levels 4/10 and 8/10. 

-i-Bushido supported on the 0% Slope. 

Travel Trac Comp Fluid

Currently supported by The Sufferfest app

-Travel Trac Comp Mag+

This unit has 3 resistance levels you set before entering the workout.  Make sure your settings and what you select in the App match up. 


-Travel Trac Technique Pro Alloy Rollers

-TruTrainer Rollers








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  • Any Idea when the CASCADE FLUID PRO trainer will be compatible? I've been using it with virtual power on trainerroad and its awesome-would love to be able to just use the new mac ap tho!

    thanks :)

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  • Hi Graham, 

    I will send an email to Cascade today for their power curve.  Once I have the power curve, I can put it right in our server.  Thanks for letting us know about this.  Happy Suffering!

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  • I have an Elite Superchrono Power Fluid. Not sure if it's the same power curve as the Qubo but would be great if you could add it.



    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hello Michael, I'm looking into this now.  We might be able to upload the power curve for the Elite Power Fluid and use that for the Superchrono Power Fluid.  I believe that this is the same thing that Zwift does as they are very similar power curves.  

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  • Hi there, can you tell me if the  Elite SuperCrono Power Mag ElastoGel is supported?


    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hello Francois!

    You would need to use the Arion Mag on Level 2.  We do not have the power curve for the Elite SuperCrono Power Mag ElastoGel.  

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  • Thanks for answer.

    Managed to find this curve on the Elite Crono Mag Elastogel.

    Would it be wrong to think the powercurve for the Supercrono Mag don't differ too much from this version (5 levels of resistance vs 8 levels)

    Comment attached to the curve mentioned "An interesting mag trainer with 5 levels of resistance. Level 3 is the recommended one for the PowerCurve Sensor. Press-on-force cannot be adjusted and varies with your own weight, so watts may have a slight offset. It's a comfortable trainer as there is no "locked triangle" - it is the rider's weight that presses the tire onto the roller."



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  • Hello,

    the "Elite Misuro Blu" is listed as a supported device here. 

    Do you also support the new version "Misuro B+"?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hello Andy, The Misuro B+ model should be working as well.  

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hello Francois,

    I think I know where you got that power curve from!  I can look to add that curve some time this week.  I can load that Level 3 out of 5 power curve.  

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  • The power curves for Inside Ride rollers are here.

    It needs a couple of inputs: rider (and bike) weight, and magnetic resistance setting.

    It would be great to have this included in the list of trainers supported byVirtual Watts.

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  • Loaded up Wayne using a general curve for that trainer.  Happy Suffering!

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  • Aaron, does the power curve you just loaded for Inside Ride rollers take the magnetic resistance setting into account? I assume it does not, but thought I'd check as there are 4 different settings which have a VERY different resistance. 

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  • Thanks Aaron.

    I'd echo Bart's question. Could you at least let us know what magnetic setting and rider weight you used in the general curve?


    Comment actions Permalink
  • Thanks everyone.  Okay, I see know what you are talking about.  I'm thinking 170lbs for the bike and rider. I can also pick something like 180lbs.  I need to pick something in the general range to fit a wide variety of people. I will upload it today.  


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  • Just added InsideRide Emotion Rollers level 0, 1, 2, 3 for 170lb rider with bike.  


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  • Excellent! Thanks Aaron.

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  • Hi Aaron 

    I too am using the elite crono mag trainer (same as Francois above ) Please just confirm which trainer and setting I should choose as I see the Arion Mag trainer doesn't have a level 3 option as you mentioned above 




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  • Hello Everyone,

    The Elite SuperCrono Mag Test up that has all 8 levels.  You can give it a try in the App by logging out and then logging back up.  That will update your list of trainers.  It is the same one Francois was asking for and he provided the power curves for us.   

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  • Nevermind, I see you've already updated the trainers to include my Giant Cyclotron Fluid.  You guys rock!





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  • Is there a possibility you could add the power curve for a Travel Trac Fluid + trainer? It is available on TrainerRoad and I would love to use the Sufferfest platform as well. 




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  • Any chance of adding the Kinetic inRide sensor? I tried using sufferfest via the kinetic fit app but am not thrilled with the setup. I would much rather use the sufferfest app.

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  • Hello Carly, we will be integrating the KK InRide sensor in the future.  I am expecting that integration to happen some time this summer.  Earlier if we don't run into any problems building in the equipment that doesn't have FE-C.  

    Jim, we do have the Travel Trac Fluid trainer virtual power curve.  I can't find the + version of that model anywhere.  

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  • Hi Aaron

    I have an Elite Chrono Mag Speed, with 5 resistance settings, which setting is the closest to use? I have just used Arion Mag level 2 on rubber glove and my FTP is recorded way too high.



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  • Hello Phil,

    If the Arion Mag isn't working, then you have try the Novo Force or the Volare Mag Elastogel.  I took a look at the resistance body, and it is a bit unique.  It doesn't really match up precisely to the other trainers we are currently supported.  Usually, Elite just swaps trainer frames with resistance units which makes things super complicated in the customer support department.  That means if you have 10 resistance units with 10 frames you can have 100 naming conventions.  

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  • Thanks Aaron,


    I've used Novo Force settings and completed 'Rubber Glove'. My FTP now seems more in the region expected.

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  • Hello Aaron I have a Keiser M3 with wahoo speed and cadence setup on it. I realize it's not optimal regarding data interaction with Sufferfest but wanted to know if there are certain settings for virtual watts that you have found to be optimal for this type of setup.


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  • Hello Brandon, 

    because the Keiser M3 is a spin bike like all other spin bikes, I would only recommend using the cadence sensor and a heart rate sensor.  Spin bikes are like single gear bicycles, so having a speed sensor connected doesn't really help anything.  If you add resistance, the wheel could technically be going the same speed even though you are working harder.  So, there isn't much we can do for virtual power and these types of bikes.  

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  • I forgot to add, if your bike does have normal pedal connections and normal crank arms, you could look at buying a power meter like a Vector 2s or a crank arm like a Stages single sided power meter.  Then you can just connect a power meter and not worry about speed calculations.  


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