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Hello Sufferlandrians!  Many Sufferlandrian Pain Caves are in places that have little to no internet connectivity.  The Minions at Sufferlandrian Services understand these difficulties.  Our Wifi signal in the caves of Mount Sufferlandrian doesn't work well either.  Lava flows seem to interrupt internet signals.  

This is why The Sufferfest has added the option to download videos for offline use within the App.  Before we get to that, let's cover a few things first.  

1.  You need a internet connection to download your videos first.  There is no way to sync existing purchases with The Sufferfest App.  Furthermore, any videos you download with The Sufferfest Training System cannot be taken out of the App.  

2.  The App will need to sync with the server in Sufferlandria when your monthly subscription is renewed.  This is just so the App can validate that your monthly subscription is still active.  For instance, your 7 day trail started on September 1st, your first subscription bill will be on September 8th, the App will need to validate your subscription again on September 8th and October 8th.

3.  Application updates.  You will also need an internet connection to update the Sufferfest Training System.  Any additions to the App like virtual trainers, new videos, or extra content, will need a connection with the server in Sufferlandria to refresh.

The Three Places To Manage Downloads

You have three places within the App to download videos or manage your downloads and computer space.  The first screen is the video list.  You can download up to three videos at a download on the video screen.  In this screen you can also cancel downloads, watch progress, or delete current downloads. 


Download Options From The Video List Screen

Ride Check Screen Download Management

In the ride check screen you can also choose to download your video here by selected the download button.  We have no ability to save your download status.  


Once you begin to download your workout video, you will get a status on the download progress.


You can also cancel your download at any time. If you cancel your download, you must resume downloading it from the beginning.  We hope to implement a system in the future that saves download progress. 


Settings Page Download Management

This page allows you to view the memory on your device so you can delete videos if they are using up too much memory.  


Finally, if at any point you want to go back to streaming your video that was previously downloaded, then you will have to delete your downloaded video. You can delete your videos in the video screen or ride check screen. 


Disk Space On iOS Devices

In the download section you can see the amount of memory used by the downloaded videos. You can delete videos from the main video list or in the workout setup screen by selecting "stream".  You need 1.5 times the space of a downloaded video to finish a download. That means if you want to download a 1gb video, you need 1.5gb of free space available. You can download as many videos as you have space for on your device.  

Storing Videos On External Hard Drive

At this time, we cannot store videos off of the main hard drive for any of the apps.  You have to use the hard drive space that is available on your Mac or Windows computer.  

Downloading and Streaming Issues

If you are having problems with your downloads or streaming videos, please head over to the next article Video Seeking and Download/Streaming Solutions.  


At Sufferlandrian Services we are asked if videos that are downloaded can be used outside of the App.  Sufferfest videos in the App are encrypted for in-App use only.  Sufferfest videos downloaded with the App can only be used and viewed with the Sufferfest App.  

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  • The videos will not stream nor download today?


    Can you add a status page for your services?

  • Hi so from what I understand is. I have got to subscribe to sufferfest to get the training videos. I take it I can't buy individual videos when I can afford. I have no internet in my shed so need videos off line.




  • Hi. In the past I bought some SUF vídeos, and have them all in my HD. Is there a way to just load them to the app to offline use?

  • Sufferfest is now installed on my C-drive, which is getting quiet full with the video's. The laptop also has a d-drive with plenty of free space. How do I ove sufferfest to the D-drive? Do I lose my data with reinstalling the app on the D-drive and remove it from C?

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