Sharing to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and Emails


The Minions at Sufferlandrian Services understand that sharing your Suffering with the world is half the fun.  This article will walk you through the steps necessary to enable instant sharing of your activities.  

Sufferlandrians have six choices to share activity files in The Sufferfest Training System: Final Surge, Garmin, Strava, Today's Plan, Training Peaks, and your personal email.  Connecting your accounts is simple.  Open the app and go to the Settings tab.  Scroll down to the 'Link Services' section. 

Desktop view of link services:


iOS view of link services:


For the desktop app, click on 'Connect' for the platform you want to share to. iOS app users will need to toggle the buttons to turn them red. You'll be prompted to log in to that platform. Once your login credentials have been verified (and you confirm that you authorize The Sufferfest to send activities) you're ready to go.  For users on Windows Devices, you may need to log into Garmin Connect, Strava, or TrainingPeaks using Internet Explorer. The Google Chrome Browser will not work with connecting services. 


If you are connected to a service but your activities aren't sharing, please email us ( We'll get you sorted in no time.

You can also manually share activities to connected platforms from the Passport page in the app. Go to PASSPORT and select your activity from the list.  At the top of the workout summary there will be the option to "Share" your activity. 



I Still Can't Share My Activity!

If your activities were emailed to you, but they haven't hit other platforms yet, then give them a few hours to get off the couch and get their act together. On rare occasions, there can be delays in updating to other sites.

If you STILL don't see your activity after a few hours you can also try adding a comment to the notes section at the bottom of your activity summary in The Sufferfest App. After you add the comment, try sharing it again using the "Share" button at the top of the workout summary. 

Click here: Check Strava Status Page.

Click here: Check Sufferfest Status Page

If everything looks good, but you are being denied the opportunity to share all of your Suffering, please email and we will get it sorted out.  


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  • I've done a couple workouts on IPad application. Both workouts was successfully exported to Strava. But during analysis I found that speed values are incredible. It shows about 78 km/h average hour speed. How can I fix it?

  • Hello Everyone, the PowerTap Hub speed and distance issues is fixed.  

  • No Paul, we are working on the Strava sync this week with Windows.  We hope to have some fixes out soon.  


  • Same issue as Vadim Yezhakov above. If I use the windows sufferfest app to transfer activities to Strava, everything is fine except distance and speed, which are about 4x farther/faster than values measured by garmin device on the bike. Both using the same wheel speed sensor of course, and the garmin values are realistic. I only wish I could pedal an hour at 60 mph ;-) Otherwise, thanks for great system! 

  • Reporting same item (293 km travelled!), this time for an Elite Turbo Muin trainer. It's on an iPad, so most likely originated in the trainer: no speed sensor paired!

  • I had the same issue as well on iOS and sharing to Strava. Sufferfest sees my trainer and identifies it. It exported to Strava no problem however the distance travelled was crazy at such a low intensity I had been working out at.

  • So I have shared a workout but it does not record distance or speed so I still need to sync with garmin connect/strava but that means I have 2 identical activities on strava, one from garmin & one from sufferfest. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Maybe I'm stating the bleedin' obvious but I would think that many Sufferlandrians have a Garmin device which can be the sharing medium. For example, I record all my Suff workouts on my Garmin which auto uploads to Garmin Connect via Garmin Connect Mobile as soon as the workout ends, Garmin in turn then immediately syncs with Training Peaks and with Strava :)

  • Hi Aaron, same question as above - strava.... Am I able to use my garmin while doing the session on the app? Then I don't sync my Sufferfest passport activity with strava as this is manual and my garmin activity is automatically uploaded to strava. Suppose the question is if I can use both the Garmin and the app at the same time?

  • That is also possible David.  However, virtual power wouldn't work in that situation.  We will have sharing on our windows App out by November 4th.

  • Hello everyone,

    We are working on a couple of speed issues right now with the PowerTap Hub and the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.  We should have those fixed in a few weeks.  For now, you can go into wheel size in the settings menu and chose the PowerTap Wheel or Qubo Wheel sizes as a temporary fix.  

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