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Hello Sufferlandrians!

If your ANT+ connection is not working and acting like a Couchlandrian doing donut intervals, I need you to do some work and look some things up.  This is a step by step guide that even the most basic of Sufferlandrian computer users should understand.  

Before we get to that, however, let's talk about what you can and cannot do with one ANT+ Dongle.  You need one ANT+ stick per training App.  Training Apps do not like to share ANT+ USB Devices.  So, if you are trying to run a training App like Zwift and then running The Sufferfest Training System on ANT+ with one USB device, it will not work.  You will need two, or the ability to use Bluetooth on one App and ANT+ on the other.  

First step:

Check our article on USB connections so you understand the Basics of USB ANT+ CONNECTIONS.  ANT+ USB 1.0 will not work.  You need ANT+ USB 2.0.  You will need to get your magnifying glass out and read the back of your USB Device like the image below.  You can see that this USB stick is USB2 which is what we are looking for.  Any mini USB devices are new and will be USB2.  

Step Two:

Do a couple of USB intervals by plugging the ANT+ Dongle in and out a few times.  Make sure the App is open when you do this and you are looking for the ANT+ icon to turn on.  

Step 3 (Windows users): 

Go to the "Start" Menu and type in "Device Manager", then open up your Device Manager. 

Now, open your device manager and look for a couple of things here.  If you have the right drivers on your computer, then you should be able to see your USB ANT+ Stick show up when you plug in the USB dongle.  It may show up separately or in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers menu.  If it is not showing up, then we need to move to our final step. 

Step 4:

You may need to install the USB serial controllers for your windows machine from Garmin, which supports most USB ANT+ controllers or the second link.  

ANT+ USB Drivers

Last Check for Programs Conflicts:

Some other programs like Garmin Connect will hijack your USB ANT+ Stick like a couchlandrian hijacks your couch.  Very unfortunate, but you have to be determined to ensure success. 

Close Garmin Express to ensure there is no conflict with the ANT+ Dongle.  Simply right-click on it and close the ANT+ hijacker down!  

FINAL NOTE on Conflicts:

Only one training App can use one ANT+ stick at a time.  This means, if you want to run Zwift and The Sufferfest App at the same time, you will need to have an ANT+ Stick for each App.  

If this still doesn't work!  Your ANT+ Stick might have gone full blown couchlandrian on you. iOS users may have a broken 30 pin to lightning adapter.  You might need to order a new one.  Try it on another computer or someone else's computer because it might need to go in the round circular filing bin in your Kitchen.  Before you commit your USB Stick to the round circular filing bin, ensure that it does or does not work on a known computer.  Sometime your windows operating system may be having problems and the drivers are not loading properly.  There isn't much we can do at Sufferlandrian Service, but we are willing to help in any way possible by emailing  






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  • I simply fail to understand why, Zwift, Tacx, Bekool and until this year Sufferfest can run on the same stick, but now, Sufferfest won't connect at all.

    I don't understand why your software can't do what the others can.

    I like your "workouts" but that won't do me any good if it doesn't run.

    Very disappointed a.t.m.

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