Connecting The Wattbike Pro Trainer


Connecting your Wattbike to The Sufferfest app is extremely easy - but only if you have the right Wattbike head unit, software and connection settings.


You can only use The Sufferfest app connected to your Wattbike if you have Head Unit B. If you bought your Wattbike before 2013, you most likely have unit A and you, sadly, won't be able to visit Sufferlandria. You can order a new headunit from Wattbike, though.  If your head unit doesn't look like the one below, then you need to get a new head unit.



Then, make sure you have the latest firmware for your headunit from Wattbike. If your screen looks like the one below, then you've got the old firmware. You can find the instructions for updating your Wattbike firmware here. as well as a video showing how it's done here.


1. To connect with ANT+, you'll first need the ANT+ dongles for your laptop or your iPad. More information about those pieces here.

2. Make sure the ANT Channels on your Wattbike head unit are set correctly. You want Both Bike Power as well as Bike Speed & Cadence set to 'On' and the Wattbike set to 'Standard.' Wattbike has a video you can watch showing how to choose the ANT channel.


3. With your Wattbike head unit on, start pedaling. You should see the Speed & Cadence show up under Cadence on the app and Bike Power show up under Power. Both connections will have a number next to them, which is the number displayed at the bottom of your Wattbike screen. (If the app is showing ANT+ 'off', then just unplug the ANT+ dongle and plug it back in.)

If, for some reason, Bike Power shows up under your Cadence setting, tap the Cadence icon and then delete the Bike Power Connection. You should see Speed & Cadence displayed there so you can connect it. When pedaling on this screen, you should see data coming through which indicates that all is functioning well.

4. With those connections properly set, you can click 'Enter Sufferlandria' and being your visit to Sufferlandria. The app will indicate cadence on the left and power on the right. If you've connected a heart rate strap, you'll see it in the middle.

Using Bluetooth

  1. To connect over Bluetooth, you'll need to make sure your Wattbike's head unit supports Bluetooth. This will be indicated by a little Bluetooth icon on the bottom of the screen.
  2. You'll then need to make sure you're running the most recent firmware (v1.25), which has a Bluetooth update. You can find the instructions for updating your Wattbike firmware here.
  3. Once you've done that, you'll need to open up the Wattbike HUB app on your device. If you don't have the HUB app installed, you'll need to do that.
  4. You then need to Go to the 'Settings' screen on your Wattbike Head Unit.
  5. Within settings, tab over to the 'Remote' tab and make sure that Bluetooth is 'on.'
  6. From the same screen, select 'Enable Bluetooth Programming Mode' and hit 'enter' to select.
  7. The head unit will ask you if you want to Enable Bluetooth Programming Mode. Hit 'enter.'
  8. From the Wattbike HUB app on your device, press 'Just ride' and then in the upper right hand corner, select your Wattbike.
  9. The Wattbike HUB app will ask you if you want to activate the head unit's Bluetooh. Select 'yes' and continue.
  10. In the Wattbike HUB, you'll then see a wifi symbol and a string of letters and numbers show up. This is your Wattbike's Bluetooth signal so select it.
  11. Wattbike HUB should tell you that the head unit is now connect, so press the 'activate' button.
  12. Close the Wattbike HUB app and open The Sufferfest app. Make sure that ANT+ is OFF.
  13. From The Sufferfest app, disconnect any ANT+ Wattbike connections you had by clicking on them from the Ride Connect screen and then pressing the 'X' next to the Wattbike connection.
  14. You should then see the Wattbike Bluetooth connection come up in the Bike Power section.
  15. You do not need any Wattbike connection under cadence. If there is one there, you can remove it.
  16. Click 'Enter Sufferlandria' and start Suffering.
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  • Nice to see because they said at Wattbike you could only use Bluetooth to connect to the watt bike app.  One question though on this and I have not tried it, is if you have no cadence how does it pick that up from power?  

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