Wahoo KICKR Snap


The Wahoo KICKR Snap is fully compatible with The Sufferfest app in both ERG and standard modes.

  • Use the latest firmware: Make sure you have the most current firmware installed on the trainer.   You can use the Wahoo Fitness Utility to check and update the KICKR's firmware.
  • Connect to the App. Read "Starting your First Workout."
  • Do a spin down test. Spin Down tests need to be done with the Wahoo Utility App.  The accuracy of the KICKR SNap can be affected by both temperature and barometric pressure. Performing a spin down will help ensure that your KICKR is properly calibrated. It only needs to be completed once, then every few months you can do the single spin down using the same app.  We also recommend you do your spin down test the same way each time.  This will create consistency in your power readings.  

Troubleshooting Articles

Below are common problems that users have connecting KICKR Snaps.  Click on the problem that you are having to go into that troubleshooting article.  

  1. ANT+ Dongle Not Being Detected or no FE-C trainer?
  2. ERG Mode Not Working For You?
  3. Sensors Keep Dropping Out/Losing Connection?
  4. Speed and Distance Calculations are off?


 We only recommend using the Wahoo Fitness App for completing a Spin Down. The accuracy of power meters can be affected by both temperature and barometric pressure. Performing a spin down periodically will help ensure that your KICKR is properly calibrated.  

We recommend at least a 5 minute warm up (unless you do Wahoo's advanced spin down) on the KICKR Snap before you do a spin down test for the most accurate power readings.  We also recommend you do your spin down test the same way each time.  This will create consistency in your power readings.  

The image below shows you where the advanced spin down option is located for the KICKR Snap.

In The Sufferfest Training Centre you can select the Wahoo KICKR Snap for Bluetooth connections on the iOS and Mac App.  The Windows App can only communicate through ANT+, so you will need an ANT+ Dongle.



ERG mode will control the KICKR's resistance and Level Mode will run the KICKR in standard mode just like a standard fluid trainer.  Learn more about these modes and which to use for different workouts here.



ERG Mode Power Is Jagged and Not Following ERG Trace Line

The KICKR Snap has the ability to replicate power values just like a power meter or track the ERG trace line exactly.  Wahoo leaves it up to the user to decide what sort of reporting they would like to see.  (They are really nice people!)

This is what your workout will look like if the power is not smoothed and the KICKR Snap is reporting like a true Power Meter.  You can see how the power bounces around the ERG target.  


To change how the KICKR Snap reports power to the App, we need to open up the Wahoo Utility App.  In there we select ERG Mode Power Smoothing just like the image below.  This will have your KICKR Snap tracing the ERG line almost exactly. 



Control the KICKR Snap with ANT+ Power Meter

You can also control the KICKR Snap through the ANT+ channel.  Just make sure you select FE-C trainer in the power section.  This will ensure that the App is using the FE-C software to control the trainer. 

Here are the steps to connect your ANT+ Power Meter to the KICKR.

  1. Open up the Wahoo Utility App.
  2. Plug in your ANT+ Dongle into your iOS device.
  3. Navigate to the KICKR Snap Settings.
  4. Select "Control with ANT+ Power Meter"
  5. At this point your Power Meter needs to be transmitting a signal.  Move your Power Meter to wake it up.
  6. Your Power Meter should now be available to select and will be control the KICKR Snap internally.

If you're using Bluetooth and your KICKR Snap connection is acting up, you can select the ANT+ FE-C connection to see if it is just Bluetooth, or there could be other issues with your signal to the Sufferfest App. Check out the article "Troubleshooting ERG (ARGHH) Mode" and "Improving Sensor Connections". 



Watch out for the KICKR Snap Black Hole

There are a few things we need to talk about when using the KICKR Snap.  The KICKR Snap adjust resistance according to the speed of the flywheel.  If your Sufferlandrian legs begin to fail, and your cadence slows, expect the KICKR Snap to ramp up resistance.  We refer to this as the "KICKR Snap Black Hole".  Once it begins to suck you in, it is hard to escape (Just like Couchlandrian furniture!).  We suggest back pedaling for ten seconds while the KICKR Snap slows and resets.  This will give your legs the quick break they need and allow you to finish the Sufferlandrian interval that Grunter Von Agony has set for you.  If you are finding that you are constantly hitting the "KICKR Snap Black Hole", you may need more rest or you are due for another FTP test. 


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