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Over 100 Sufferfest training plans are now available FREE on TrainingPeaks.  All you need to start using them is a free account with TrainingPeaks and a desire to CRUSH EVERYONE BEFORE YOU.

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What is TrainingPeaks?

Based in Boulder, Colorado, TrainingPeaks is the leader in performance-based training and athlete management software. Integration of The Sufferfest training plans with TrainingPeaks allows you to load one of The Sufferfest plans into your TrainingPeaks calendar, receive upcoming workout alerts via email or the TrainingPeaks companion app for iOS and Android, and view and analyze your workout data when you share it from The Sufferfest to TrainingPeaks. 

How Does It Work?

1. Go to:
2. At the top menu, navigate to Athletes > Athlete Edition
3. Click "Sign Up For Free" to create your free TrainingPeaks account
4. View the full library of free Sufferfest training plans and select the plan you want by clicking on the 'TrainingPeaks' link.
5. To select a plan, click "Buy" (don't worry, the plans are completely free.)
6. Login to your TrainingPeaks account and click on 'Calendar'
7. Click on the 'Training Plan Library' icon to the left.

8. Click on the plan title you want to apply and select the date you want to start. Voila! All of the activities will populate into your calendar. 

9. If you want to change the start date or switch plans, select the active plan from the 'Applied Plans' dropdown menu and click 'Remove'.
10. Connect your TrainingPeaks account to The Sufferfest app. When you complete an activity in the app and share it to TrainingPeaks, you'll see the activity in your TrainingPeaks calendar. 

You can even upload other activities to TrainingPeaks—including outside rides, runs, or swims—allowing you to track and analyze all of your data in one place (check the TrainingPeaks Help Center for more information). 



Choosing a Plan

Many of the new training plans available on TrainingPeaks are designed to target that aspect of fitness where you need the most improvement. To choose the right plan, you first need to expose yourself to the Full Frontal fitness test. Ideally, you should do Full Frontal as part of the 7-Day Full Frontal Peak training plan, which is available in TrainingPeaks and as a downloadable PDF in the Training Plans tab of The Sufferfest app.

Once you complete Full Frontal, you'll to get your full 4DP profile, rider type, and primary weakness. 

Identified Weaknesses include: Sprinting, Repeated Efforts, Sustained Efforts, and VO2 Efforts. There are plans that target each of these primary weaknesses for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced cyclists. Don't worry, mudbunnies, cyclocross, and XC Mountain Bike plans that address primary weaknesses and include outside skills-building sessions will be added soon.

If you want a more generic plan, that's fine, too. There are generalized plans for each discipline and skill level.

Triathletes, rejoice!

Multi-sport Sufferlandrians have been clamoring for plans designed specifically for Full IM and Half IM triathlons. Sir Mac Cassin at SUFCoaching created two plans to help you CRUSH your next 70.3 or 140.6 triathlon. With comprehensive coverage of your swim, bike, and run workouts—including essential technique drills across all disciplines—you'll be ready to launch a full-on amphibious assault on the competition.


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Adding Yoga and Mental Training to Your Plan 

To help you get the most out of your training—bike, body and mind—we've given you the option of adding three levels of yoga and a mental training component to your main plan in TrainingPeaks. This allows you to track all of your training activities in one place and receive notifications on upcoming yoga sessions or mental training modules. 

To add yoga to your plan:

1. Apply your main plan (see steps above)
2. Navigate in your calendar to the first day of the plan. You'll see two non-cycling activities: 'Before You Get Started' and 'Sufferfest Yoga Video'

3. Click on the activity to view the details. The 'Before You Get Started" activity will give you information about how to get the most out of your training. When you click on the 'Sufferfest Yoga Video' activity you'll see descriptions of the different levels of yoga you can choose, along with links to the corresponding yoga plan.

4. Click the link to 'Buy' the yoga plan you want. Apply it to your main plan by clicking the Training Plan icon to the left of the Calendar and choosing a date to start. To ensure all your activities are synced, this should be the same start date as your main plan

5. To add the Mental Training Programme to your plan, find the activity in the first week labeled 'Mental Training Plan: Goal Setting'. Click on it to view details. You'll see information about the Mental Training Programme, as well as a link to the mental training plan on TrainingPeaks:

6. Click the link to 'Buy' the Mental Training Plan. Apply it to your main plan by clicking the Training Plan icon to the left of the Calendar and choosing a date to start. To ensure all your activities are synced, this should be the same start date as your main plan



Questions about The Sufferfest training plans on TrainingPeaks? Email
Need help with TrainingPeaks? Check out the TrainingPeaks Help Center 

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