Connecting The Wattbike Atom


Connecting The Wattbike Atom

  • The Wattbike Atom connects to The Sufferfest app just like any other Bluetooth or Ant+ device.  You will find the steps for connecting your devices in the Device Connections help article
  • By default, your Atom will be connected in Erg mode.  This allows The Sufferfest app to control your atom with no input needed from you to change the resistance.
  • Currently, we only support the gears on the Wattbike Atom when using a Bluetooth connection.  Ant+ functionality is in development.

ERG Mode Tips

  • Keep your cadence as steady as possible. The more you vary your cadence during a section, the more the bike will have to adjust the resistance to bring you back in line.
  • If you do need to change cadence, such as when there is an attack during the video, increase slowly and steadily.
  • At the end of intervals, keep the effort up and let the bike take the resistance off. If you slow your cadence or take off the pressure before the bike has adjusted, you could find yourself with the bike locking up the resistance in the dreaded 'spiral of death.'
  • 'Gears' will not work (and are not necessary) in ERG mode since the bike changes the resistance automatically based on what the app is telling it to do.

Connecting the Atom in LEVEL/GEARS mode (e.g., you control the Atom resistance)

  1. Open the Wattbike HUB App, choose 'Known Wattbikes,' and select your WattbikeScreen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.36.15_PM.png
  2. Choose the 'Show advanced settings' button                                                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.36.29_PM.png
  3. Choose 'Pair' to assign the Left and Right shifters                                                                                      Screen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.36.44_PM.png
  4. Completely close the HUB app.... see the Note below
  5. Open The Sufferfest app and follow the steps in the 'Device Connections' help article
  6. Choose Level mode as seen in the 'Erg or Level mode?' help article (You need to select Level mode as the gears will not work in Erg mode)
  7. Once the workout has started you can change gear with your shift buttons.  You will see a gear icon in the top right of the screen when this feature is active.Screen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.41.03_PM.png

Running the Wattbike Hub and The Sufferfest App at the same time

As mentioned above, running the Wattbike Hub and The Sufferfest App at the same time can add a lot to your workout as you can see all the data from both. This requires you have two different devices, however, as running them on one device is not easy and can muck up the connections rather easily. We've found that connecting the Wattbike Hub app first and then The Sufferfest App works quite well. Just be sure that you're connecting The Sufferfest App via ANT+ and the Wattbike Hub via Bluetooth if you want to run things in ERG mode.


Note: You can not connect the Wattbike to the HUB app and The Sufferfest app via Bluetooth simultaneously.  In order to connect to The Sufferfest using Bluetooth, you need to double tap the home button on your iOS device and kill the HUB app completely. 

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  • Are there plans to support erg mode using Bluetooth on the atom I.e. on the iOS map. This should be possible and other services offer it

  • Hey Tommy! Yep -- we'll have that working in the next couple of months. :)

  • Hi, I connect exactly as you describe using an iPad, wahoo dongle and 30 pin adaptor. All seems fine and I begin the video. After a few minutes the video just shuts down and the iPad reverts to home screen. Sufferfest is still an open app but the video is lost, almost like the app has crashed. Similarly I can be riding and the resistance should increase but it doesn't. I pause and can see both cadence and power are connected ok. I press to reconnect and reinsert dongle and it works again and controls resistance. The dongle is brand new, and the adaptor is genuine apple. Problem is the same when I try my iPhone 6. Very frustrating as I am unable at present to rely on an ERG train. Are the two problems linked and is the ant + crashing the app?

  • Hey Paul - Sorry you're having issues there. Not sure what's happening. Can you please email us on and we'll work to help you sort that out?

  • Hi, I’m having exactly the same problems as Paul Clifford above except there is no change in resistance. The iPad occasional crashes back to home screen. Was there a resolution for this?


    I’m with Tommy. When will there be Bluetooth support for the app on iOS?

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