Configuring the NPE CABLE Device


The North Pole Engineering (NPE) CABLE allows you to connect your ANT+ sensors to your Bluetooth enabled device. Once set up, it will convert the ANT+ signal from your sensors to a Bluetooth signal than can be picked up by your native Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.

***The v1.7.7 firmware update introduced the ability to convert the FE-C smart trainer signal to FTMS, allowing you to use this device to connect your FE-C smart trainer to The Sufferfest App via Bluetooth***

For the initial set up you will want to follow the instructions found on the NPE website:

Once you have the app installed and the CABLE device is on, tap the menu button and select “Scan for ANT Sensors”.



Make sure all of your ANT+ sensors are awake (spin those cranks and get your heart rate monitor on!), then check the appropriate boxes for the sensors you want to connect. You will notice that you now have the option of connecting your FE-C trainer. If you are using a smart trainer be sure that you use the same ID number for both the Fitness Equipment and Bike Power sensors. Once you see that your devices are connected save the sensor connections by tapping "Save Sensors" at the top.




You will next head over to the “ANT+ <-> BLE Assignments” tab where you will select the type of signal to convert the ANT+ sensors to, don’t forget to “Save Assignments”. If you are using an FE-C smart trainer be sure to select the FTMS option. More on the types of signals can be found on the NPE website.



Lastly, move to the “BLE (OUT)” tab to confirm that the data from your sensors is being properly displayed and transmitted.



At this point you can close the CABLE App. It is very important that you completely close the CABLE App before connecting to The Sufferfest. For iOS devices, double tap the home button and then swipe the CABLE App up to completely close it. If the app is running in the background the CABLE will not work properly with The Sufferfest App.

Now it’s time to set up the CABLE device in The Sufferfest App. Open The Sufferfest Training System App and select a ride. This will take you to the Ride Check screen where you will connect your sensors. We will start with Power; after you click that icon you will see an image like the one below. If you do not see the CABLE option, or if your power doesn’t show after you click the connection box, check that the CABLE device’s green light is blinking. If it isn’t, give it a good double tap to turn it back on. Once you have selected the CABLE device and it is connected, you will see your power displayed underneath.



You will connect your other sensors (heart rate, cadence, or speed) in the same way. Once all of your sensors have been connected, you will see them listed in the Ride Check screen. You’re now ready to ride!



Troubleshooting tips: The most common issues with connecting the CABLE device are 1-not completely closing the CABLE app before opening The Sufferfest App and 2- the CABLE device being off when you try to connect with The Sufferfest. Be sure to close the CABLE app as described above and check for the flashing green light on the device. If you encounter any issues during setup please email and they will be happy to assist you.

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