SUF Cycling Account Sign-Up


Signing Up

To set up a new SUF Cycling account, visit this site. Now it's just a matter of following a few steps to get signed up and started.

  1. Completely fill out all of the information on the sign-up page
  2. Make sure to click the "Sign Contract" link to read and sign our Embassy Contract
  3. Once you have signed the contract return to the sign-up page and make sure to click the "Create Account Now" button

Note: When creating a SUF Cycling account you must use an email address that doesn't already have an account tied to it for The Sufferfest Complete Training System App.  Using an email address that is already in our system will prevent successful sign-up.  



If you have questions about costs, contracts, or what's included when becoming a SUF Cycling Studio operator please reach out to



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