SUF Cycling Resources


Signing In

Once you have signed up as a SUF Cycling Studio you can log in on this site... just make sure to use the same email address and password that you did when creating your SUF Cycling account.


In order to access the SUF Cycling videos, workout files, and marketing materials you will click on the "Resources" button in the top right of the portal.



On the Resources page, you will find links to all of the content that is available to SUF Cycling Studios


  1. Getting Started - Some really useful content to help you get your SUF Cycling Studio up and running
  2. Pre-Launch Marketing - Marketing materials to help you promote your new SUF Cycling Studio
  3. Digital Marketing Resources - Video menus, logo files, and posters
  4. Sufferfest Events - Information on upcoming promotional events.... content available prior to events
  5. Training Resources - Content to help you better customize the customer experience... Power and HR zone cards
  6. Instructor Profiles - Information about each workout to help guide the instructor as they lead the session
  7. Videos - SUF Cycling - Downloadable SUF Cycling videos in mp4 format
  8. Videos - Stages Flight - Downloadable videos for use in studios using Stages Flight
  9. MRC Files - MRC files for using SUF Cycling videos with PerfPro
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