Payment Details and Coupon Redemption


So your free trial period is over but you are wanting to continue finding your inner Sufferlandrian?  Great! You will need to access the account management page.  There is a button in the Windows or macOS app that will lead you to your account online, or you can access it directly by going to  



IOS users will need to go to to access payment details at this time.  Follow the instructions below under Managing Your Account.  

On Mac or Windows

To find the Account Management page, click on Settings in the top right, and then Manage Account in the left-hand column:


You will not be able to see details of your account until you log in on the web page.  

Managing your Account

Select Subscribe or Manage to get to your account details:



You will see your account status at the top, and options below:



Please be sure to complete all 3 steps:

1- Enter a valid payment method.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.  For Apple Pay, scroll down to the bottom of this page for special instructions.  


2- Enter a coupon code if you have one.  This needs to be done prior to selecting your subscription type.

Note:  Entering a payment method and selecting a subscription type are necessary for coupon redemption.


3- Choose your subscription type- Monthly or Yearly.  Billing will be processed at the end of your trial if you are still in a trial period.






Switching from Monthly to Yearly billing (or the opposite)

You can easily switch your account from monthly to yearly billing by selecting Manage Your Account on the Account Management page.  

Select Manage:


And scroll to the bottom of the page.  If you are a monthly subscriber, you will see a button to switch to yearly billing, and if you're a yearly subscriber, you'll see the option to switch to monthly.  The change will take place on your next billing date.




If, for some reason, you can't log in or don't get access to the videos:

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