The 'Settings' Tab


Before you do your first Sufferfest workout, you'll need to enter some personal details so the app knows who you are, what your fitness level is and which platforms you'd like to share workouts to. You can do this on the 'Settings' page, accessed from the top navigation of the app.

Personal Info

The 'Personal Info' tab of the settings page will automatically list the name and email address that you used when you created your account with The Sufferfest.  This is the place to enter your:

  • Gender 
  • Date Of Birth
  • Body Weight
  • Language Preference (Coming Soon)
  • Metric/Imperial Preference

Note: Rider weight and gender are needed before you do the Full Frontal Fitness Test. 


Workout Settings

The 'Workout Settings' is the spot to be for reviewing your 4DP and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate settings.  If you have completed the 4DP test, your results will show here.  If you haven't, the results shown are those calculated by the app based on the information you provided.  


These values can be manually adjusted by clicking on them.  Each value must fall into specific parameters based on the FTP value.  Those parameters will be clearly identified on the screen, as you can see here:


Once you are done editing, the Save button will be green if all your values are acceptable.  Hit Save and these values will then be used for all of your workouts.  




Linked Services

You can also connect to Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect and your Email account in the settings page.  Just click the logos and enter your details. You can stop sharing at any time by un-ticking the logos.

If you are having difficulties connecting to Strava, Training Peaks, or Garmin Connect try using a different web browser.  Some users have had problems with the Chrome browser.  Using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari works very easily.  Still having issues? Check out the Article, "Sharing to Strava, Training Peaks, and Emails".

Local Storage Usage

In the download section, you can see the amount of memory used by the downloaded videos.  You can delete videos from the main video list or in the workout setup screen by selecting "stream".  You need 1.5 times the space of a downloaded video to finish a download.  That means if you want to download a 1gb video, you need 1.5gb of free space available.  You can download as many videos as you want.  



Most users won't need to change anything here.  I'd recommend leaving these settings as they are unless you are experiencing problems while using The Sufferfest app.

  • GPU Acceleration - Disable this if the app window is not displaying properly.  This usually manifests with the app appearing transparent.  You may also want to disable this if you are using an older computer and it is struggling to run the app properly.
  • Download Mode - If you can't get downloads to start or completely finish downloading, try setting this to 'Reliable.'  Doing so will most likely slow down the speed of your download but it should help them complete.



This is a list of the keyboard shortcuts available for use in our Mac and Windows app

Manage Account, Switch Accounts, and Logout


  • Manage Account - Choose this to access your payment and subscription information at
  • Switch Accounts - If there are multiple app users on the same device you can choose this option to switch to a different app account
  • Logout - Choose this to fully log out of the app
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