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Welcome To The Sufferfest!

Our help center has a lot of information for both, those who are just getting started, and those who need some help troubleshooting.  While it's great to have all of this information at your disposal when you need it, it can be overwhelming when trying to find some instructions on how exactly to get started with The Sufferfest.

Here is our attempt in laying out those critical first steps, all in one spot, to hopefully help get you up and running as quickly as possible.  This article is a bit dense so please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at if you get lost in all of this information.

Device Compatibility

Before you set up your account with The Sufferfest we will want to make sure that your devices will work correctly with our software.  There are so many different hardware options available in the world of fitness tech that this can get a bit tricky but we have a world class team of minions at your service if you have questions.

A Few Important Notes On Supported Devices

  1. Ant+ and Bluetooth - If your sensor, device, or smart trainer is listed as being Ant+ or Bluetooth compatible it should work well with our app.  There are a few exceptions to this and we will cover those in a bit more detail in the articles below.
  2. Other Apps - If you have been using your setup with another fitness app, it will work with ours in most cases.  This isn't the case with each specific setup but it holds true most of the time.
  3. My Device Isn't Listed - There are times when we don't have a particular device listed as 'supported' in our help center.  In some cases, it isn't supported but other times it may just be a newer piece of gear that we haven't had the opportunity to test with The Sufferfest app yet.
  4. Email Us - If either of the above two steps is unclear or you just need some help sifting through this compatibility nonsense please don't hesitate to email us at  We will be quite happy to help you get started in your Suffering!

Supported Devices

The best resource for finding out if your devices are supported is in our master compatibility spreadsheet but we do have a couple of other articles (also listed below) that go into a bit more detail than the spreadsheet.

Smart Trainer Compatibility

Spin Bikes - Compatibility

Ant+ Sensors & Connections

If you are using our Windows version of The Sufferfest app or if you are wanting to connect your Ant+ only sensors to your iOS device we have some help for you in these articles.

Connecting ANT+ Devices

ANT+ To Bluetooth Bridges

Note: Our Windows supports Bluetooth but you will need version 15063 or later

The Suffer Scale - Rated Perceived Exertion

If you don't have devices to connect to the app or if you still want to Suffer with us even though your devices are supported, don't worry, you still can!

Understanding The Suffer Scale

Setting Up Your Account 

If you still need to create an account, start your free trial, set up payment information, or redeem a coupon/promo code, this is the place to start.

Signing Up & Logging In

The first place that you will want to start is to create an account.  Please note that your free 7-day trial will begin as soon as you complete this step.  Check out this help article for step by step instructions on how to make this happen.

Signing Up And Logging In

Payment Details & Coupon Redemption

You can enter payment details and coupon/promo codes at the same time that you create your account or you can do it once your free 7-day trial has finished.  Either way, the steps are the same.  Here is a help article that will walk you through this process.  

Payment Details And Coupon Redemption

Navigating The Sufferfest App

Alright!  If you are at this step we are making good progress.  You should have device compatibility sorted and an account setup. 

The Sufferfest has a lot of features packed into a nice package but there are a lot of places to visit.  Here are a few help articles to help give you an idea of what is happening in the most important sections of the app.

App Settings - Visit This Screen First!

The settings tab in The Sufferfest app is an important place to visit early so that you can enter some personal information that the app will need in order to calculate things correctly as you get started.

Navigating The 'Settings' Tab

Workouts... Where Are They?

On to the fun stuff!  Here is some help with the workouts tab!

Navigating The 'Workouts' Tab

Other Important Places

Navigating Within The Workout

Navigating The 'Home' Tab

Device Connections

We've already come a long way together at this point.  Once you have selected your first workout and clicked play you will be greeted by the workout screen and the device connections menu should be opened up for you.  This is the next spot that you will want to be.  We need to get those compatible devices hooked up for proper Suffering.

Device Connections

Virtual Watts

If you are using a "dumb" trainer and you have a speed sensor we can also set you up with Virtual Watts.

Virtual Watts Setup

Finishing, Saving, & Sharing Your Workout

You made it!  Workout complete... Maximal Suffering achieved!  Now you need to save it and share with your friends... and more importantly... enemies

Finishing Your Workout

Sharing to Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, and Email

Still Need Help?

As mentioned above, if you are still stuck or have further questions please shoot us an email at

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