Upgrading To Desktop Version 6.0


Hello Sufferlandrians.  We have recently updated our app to version 6.0 which provides a more dynamic in App experience and makes The Sufferfest the most complete training solution for your cycling needs.  In the process of rebuilding our Application, we had to change the way we deliver content.  That means we rebuilt all of our videos so video text, prompts, and workout queues are now displayed in the 6.0 App as dynamic content.  In order to do this, we needed to remaster all of our videos.  What does this mean for you?  


6.0 will load as a new application that needs new videos.  The videos you downloaded for 5.5 will not work with the 6.0 application.  You can keep the 5.5 application on your desktop and still use it if you like.  However, we will not support 5.5 with any new videos or any troubleshooting.  The Sufferfest will only maintain the old videos for an undermined amount of time.  What do I do with all these old videos that are eating up space on my hard drive?


If you easily get confused and keep opening up 5.5 instead of 6.0 or you just need to free up space on your hard drive, then follow these instructions below.


Open the 5.5 Application, go to the "Help" menu and then "go to log file".  Find the folder that says "Videos" and delete that.  This will free up most of your memory.  You can also go to C:\users\name\AppData\Roaming and then delete the entire "The Sufferfest Training System" folder.  From there, you can head to your windows settings menu and then uninstall the application.  These steps should free up a lot of memory if you had a lot of videos downloaded on 5.5.  


Open the 5.5 Application, go to the "Help" menu and then "go to log file".  Find the folder that says "Videos" and delete that.  This will free up most of your memory.  You can also go to /users/yourname/library/Application Support/ and then delete "The Sufferfest Training System" folder.  From there, head to your applications folder and then drag the old 5.5 app in the trash bin.  


Yes, if you have the memory available and are not distracted by two Sufferfest Apps on your computer, you can keep the 5.5 application.  There is no conflict with having both applications since they are separate programs. 


If you are having technical issues with 6.0, or just some difficulty getting sensors connected; log out of the app, restart your device, and then log back in.  If that doesn't work, then email theminions@thesufferfest.com for additional support. Also, check out our new help articles that discuss navigation and using the new 6.0 app in the GETTING STARTED section.  

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  • Where is the V6.0 app download link?

  • We are still waiting on Apple to approve the iOS app.  

  • Thanks, I mean the Windows version

  • I will be releasing desktop and iOS at the same time to reduce confusion. 


  • Aaron, not sure there will be much confusion if the windows version is released before iOS. Seems unnecessary to wait even longer. 

  • how long we looking at for the mac os version and will it be a app on the app store ?

  • It's a shame that the Windows users are having to wait for Apple to enjoy the next level of suffering.

  • On my test week next 4dp test Saturday be nice to have 6.0 to suffer on might make me produce some extra power 👍

  • Looks great guys! Thanks!

  • Hey folks - this doesn't have a link to 6.0 and the other page - the download one - means I ended up installing 5.5 again :-(

  • Martin, Just download from the main site https://thesufferfest.com/ (at least the Windows version is there)

  • The actual hype around the major update was just that. I finally installed 6.0 after pot luck as it doesn't state anywhere click here for version 6.0. I find the positioning of the stats worse than before and the workout graph way to small in Windows app. The scroll bar on the right hand side can barely be grabbed. Has this update been tested by the minions or where they too busy suffering?

  • I've downloaded the new windows version (on a windows 10 machine) and its looks more visually appealing.  However, why can't i scroll down pages using the mouse?  I have to click on the bit of the page and then use the arrow keys.  Alex above refers to a scroll bar - i certainly can't get to it!  Did the minions not notice this when testing?


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