No Ant+ On iOS


What's Changing?

On 15 May 2019 we released a new version of The Sufferfest app for iOS. With that release, you will no longer be able to connect your ANT+ devices directly to The Sufferfest app on your iPad or iPhone (ANT+ will still be supported on MacOS and Windows with a USB Ant+ dongle).

Why Now?

With less than 3% of Sufferlandrians using ANT+ on iOS—and Apple no longer making the required adapter for the Wahoo ANT+ key—we decided to sunset support so we could devote more development resources to further improving your app experience.

Who Will This Affect?

If you have any of the devices listed in the table below, or other ANT+ only sensors, you will need to use an Ant+ to Bluetooth bridge to convert the Ant+ signal into a Bluetooth signal that The Sufferfest app can use.

Heart Rate Monitors Speed & Cadence Sensors Power Meters Smart Trainers

Garmin Ant+ HR Straps*

Garmin GSC-10

(Older) Quarq Power Meters

BKool Smart Trainers

Garmin Hub Mounted Speed Pod

Garmin Vector 1  
  Garmin Hub Mounted Cadence Pod Garmin Vector 2  
  (Older)Bontrager Duotrap Sensors** Garmin Vector 2s  
  Wahoo TICKR Run*** Pioneer Power Meters  
    (Older) PowerTap Hub Power Meters  
    PowerTap P1****  
    (Newer)SRM Power Meters******  
    Rotor Power Meters  
    Verve Infocrank  

Special Notes:

* Newer Garmin heart rate straps like the Tri and HRM-Dual support Bluetooth.  The older models that only have the Ant+ symbol on the back are the ones that will require an Ant+ to Bluetooth bridge

** Newer Bontrager sensors transmit using Bluetooth

*** The regular TICKR and TICKRX work transmit using Bluetooth, this is just the older Run model

**** The P1 transmits with Bluetooth but currently only displays one pedal's power so connecting with Ant+ is required for proper power readings in The Sufferfest app.

***** Older (pre-2016) SRM power meters are not supported at all.  Newer models (post-2016) will transmit using Ant+ but still require an Ant+ to Bluetooth bridge.

My Sensor Isn't Listed...

We tried to catch the most common Ant+ only sensors in the above table, but there is a chance that your sensor is Ant+ only and not listed here.  The best way to tell is to check the back of your sensor.  You are looking for two different symbols, one for Ant+ and the other for Bluetooth.

Ant+ Bluetooth
Screen_Shot_2019-04-19_at_2.34.46_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-19_at_2.35.52_PM.png

If you only see the Ant+ symbol on the back of your sensor then you will need to use an Ant+ to Bluetooth bridge to connect that device to The Sufferfest app on iOS.  If you see both symbols, you don't need any additional hardware to connect that device.

So I Have An Ant+ Only Sensor; Now What?

Okay, so you've identified the Ant+ only device that you want to connect. Remember that you can still connect them to the app on MacOS or Windows using an ANT+ USB dongle. If you only have iOS, there are a couple of really nice options for connecting your devices to The Sufferfest app. 


The cable is a stand-alone device that converts Ant+ signals to Bluetooth signals that The Sufferfest app can receive.  Need help configuring your CABLE?  Check out this help article for instructions on doing just that.


For purchase please visit the North Pole Engineering webstore.


The Viiiiva Heart Rate Strap

The Viiiiva is a heart rate monitor that also acts as a bridge to convert Ant+ to Bluetooth.  Check out this help article for Viiiiva setup steps.  NOTE: Do NOT rename the Viiiiva or it will not transmit data to any apps.  

For purchase please visit the 4iiii Innovations webstore.

I've Got The Bridge; How Do I Connect Everything?

You can read a bit more on how to connect your Ant+ devices to The Sufferfest app in our Connecting Ant+ Devices help article.

Still Need Help?

If you need further help, please, submit a help request here.

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