Release Notes - iOS (iPhone & iPad)


Version 6.2.0

  • Updated "Best for" yoga text to pull from parse
  • New workout list design to more closely match desktop
  • Updated the design of the intensity stepper in the workout player settings menu
  • Updated allowed intensity range to be 10-500%
  • Added the ability to connect 2 power meter pedals (or cranks) and have the power combined
  • Fixed the grade display so it only appears when a KICKR Climb is attached
  • Updated the end of Half Monty to collect any personal information required for best calculation of results
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects would cause external music sources to stop
  • Updated activity details to only show LTHR section when there is heart rate data for the activity
  • Added a toggle to enable/disable power match (when available)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for the cycling workout player (behind a feature flag for betas only)

Version 6.1.1

  • Added email marketing opt-in to Account Create
  • Updated design on Workout Detail
  • Updated Getting Started and iOS Intro Tours
  • Updated Half Monty/Full Frontal to match desktop
  • Added reason why Full Frontal failed and the graphs associated with activity
  • Updated LTHR calculation to 100% of 20 minute interval HR in Full Frontal
  • Updated zones to match documentation/desktop
  • Fixed full frontal results showing an empty error box even on a successful test
  • Added a change to try and fix Neo 2 cadence issue
  • Added Power Match (for use by The Minions only)
  • Resolved issue with User History saving twice

Version 6.0.5

  • Fixes an issue with speed from FTMS
  • Fixes an issue choosing the monthly subscription option and Apply Pay
  • The stripe key is now pulled dynamically from the server so it can be changed when we need to
  • Fixes 'Missing Speed Device' alerts for virtual watts assignment

Version 6.0.4

  • NEW: Ride check has been removed and devices are configured in the workout player
  • NEW: The app will warn you if a device's connection is lost or if its battery is low
  • UPDATED: The app more clearly shows that your activity is saving at the end
  • UPDATED: Finish workout button in the workout player is more clearly visible
  • FIXED: App sometimes will be in the wrong orientation when entering/exiting the workout player
  • FIXED: LTHR in the passport was sometimes being shown with a lot of decimal places
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