Power Match


iOS Only (For Now)

Power Match is only available in the iOS version of The Sufferfest app at this time.  It will come soon to Windows and Mac.

Power Match - Setup

Power Match will soon be made available in the iOS app. In order to use power matching with your smart trainer, you will need to have a Bluetooth enabled power meter or an ANT+ power meter that is connected to The Sufferfest app with an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge.

First, you will need to make sure that your smart trainer is connected. You'll notice that if a power meter is not connected you will not be able to switch the "Power Match" toggle to the on position.


Once you connect your power meter (in this case it is connected using the Viiiiva ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge) you will need to select the lightning bolt icon so that the trainer is using the power reading from your power meter. Then, make sure that "Power Match" is turned on and trainer control (lightning bolt with a circle by it) is selected for your smart trainer.


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