How Do I Add Strength, Yoga, or Mental Toughness Plans?


One of our goals at The Sufferfest is to make you the most well-rounded athlete possible. That's why we have additional strength, yoga, and mental toughness training plans that can be added to your cycling plans. Here we will cover some frequently asked questions about those plans.

How do I ensure that my strength training plan lines up correctly in my cycling training plan?

When applying your Strength Plan onto an existing plan it is very important that the selected "Start Date" for both plans are the same date. Ideally, you will be using one of the plans specifically optimized for strength training. You also need to be sure that you select the Beginner or Intermediate strength plan that matches your cycling plan. So, for example, if you are using the "Intermediate Cycling / 4DP Weakness: Repeated Efforts / Designed for Strength Training" you will need to choose either the beginner or intermediate strength plan that is specifically for Intermediate Cycling (as circled below). this will ensure that everything lines up properly for you.



Where are the yoga plans and how do I add them to my training plan?

After you load a training plan, you will see that the first day of the plan has an activity entitled "Add Yoga". If you click on that activity to open it, you will find links to the yoga plans in the pre-activity comments. Simply click on the link to the plan that you would like to use and apply it to the same start date as your cycling plan.



How do I add Mental Toughness training to my plan?

The first day of your training plan will have an activity entitled "Train Your Brain: Add Mental Toughness to your Plan". Open that activity and you will see a link to the Mental Toughness Plan in the pre-activity comments. Click on the link to the plan apply it to the same start date as your cycling plan.


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