How To Edit Your 4DP



Windows and Mac

The 'Workout Settings' is the spot to be for reviewing your 4DP and Lactate Threshold Heart Rate settings.  If you have completed the 4DP test, your results will show here.  If you haven't, the results shown are those calculated by the app based on the information you provided.  


These values can be manually adjusted by clicking on them.  Each value must fall into specific parameters based on the FTP value.  Those parameters will be clearly identified on the screen, as you can see here:


Once you are done editing, the Save button will be green if all your values are acceptable.  Hit Save and these values will then be used for all of your workouts.  



Tap on SETTINGS on the bottom of your screen and scroll down to your Workout Targets.  IMG_A84699D78E80-1.jpeg

Tap on this section to open up the following screen where the values can be adjusted:


Parameters for acceptable values will be given once you adjust your 20-minute power.  Once you've edited all the values, SAVE CHANGES.  






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