How To Edit Your FTP


We know you are anxiously awaiting the day that you take your first Full Frontal Fitness test but until you do, you will need to make sure you have your FTP entered appropriately in your Settings. It is important to have a number entered here to ensure that you are getting the right power targets set for your rides. If you don't know your FTP that's fine! We recommend women starting with an FTP of around 100W and men at 150W.


To edit your FTP in the iOS app, you will need to go to the Settings tab at the bottom of the screen. There you will see FTP listed under "Workout Targets". Simply click on your FTP and then you'll be able to adjust your FTP needed.




First, go to your Settings tab, followed by "Workout Settings" on the left-hand side of the screen. You will be able to enter a custom FTP value but you won't have the option to save it yet.


In order to save your FTP in the desktop app, you will also need to enter a number for your LTHR. If you don't know your LTHR, you can take 90% of your max HR as an approximation. If you complete the Full Frontal fitness test with the app recording your HR, it will give you a more accurate LTHR.

Once you enter your LTHR, you will see the "save" button at the bottom turn green. Click that and your new FTP will be applied to your workouts!



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