Finding Your Challenge Dashboard



You can track your progress for the Tour of Sufferlandria, or any other challenge from your Challenge Dashboard on the website.  You'll find some very important information on the dashboard to help you achieve the goal.

1-  The stages will be identified.  Know which workouts you need to do.  

2- The date and time that each stage is open will be identified.  You must do the stages within the OPEN time for the stage to count towards the challenge (and the badge).

3- You can see if the workout is completed and counted.  If the workout is not marked as completed, please check your passport activities to ensure that the workout you did appears there, and that it matches the workout on the dashboard.  If your workout did not save properly, please contact the minions.  You need to do the correct video for it to count towards the challenge.


Where is my dashboard?

Go to  Once you are logged in, you can click on Challenges to reach the dashboard.  



You'll see all the challenges here.  Clicking on the each challenge will bring up the details of that challenge.  You'll also be able to see if the challenge is current, past or upcoming.  Click on the arrow at the far right for more details about each challenge.



The Tour of Sufferlandria Challenge is our most important challenge each year.  The dashboard will be an important tool to ensure that you meet the challenge requirements.  You will be able to make sure that you're meeting all the requirements of the Tour by following the See Progress link. 



Welcome to the 2021 Tour of Sufferlandria Dashboard!  OOOH!! The Laser Goats* are on patrol this year!


* For more information about the laser goats, please be sure to do the workout called G.O.A.T


If you're new to Sufferlandrian Challenges, you might see this beautiful blue Join button.  Be sure to click it! 



Scroll down, and you should see stages of the Tour of Sufferlandria.  This is the most important page in the challenge dashboard.  This page has a lot of information.  See below for extra details. 



1.  The progress indicator.  Once the stage is completed and recorded in your passport, the progress indicator will turn to green:



2.  Each stage is will be open according to the 50 hour time window allotted.  For more information about the 50 hour window, please see this article.  Once the window opens, the tour stage will say OPEN.  All workouts must be started during the OPEN window.  They can be completed once the stage is closed, provided they were started before the stage closed. 


3.  It is important to find the workout with the matching name in the app.  If you've applied the Tour of Sufferlandria Stages plan to your calendar, you can click on the workout link on each day to complete the workout.  If you're completing the workout on a day other than the prescribed day, please make sure that the stage is OPEN, and then launch the workout from the workout list instead.  (Using the Workouts Tab). 


4.  Clicking on the arrow at the end of the stage information box will open a description of the workout.



If you have any questions about your dashboard, please let us know!   If the workout is not marked as completed, please check your passport activities to ensure that your workout appears there and that it matches the workout on the dashboard.  Please reach out if your workout hasn't saved properly!






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