Finding Your Challenge Dashboard



You can track your progress for the Tour of Sufferlandria, or any other challenge from your Challenge Dashboard on the website.  You'll find some very important information on the dashboard to help you achieve the goal.

1-  The stages will be identified.  Know which workouts you need to do.  

2- The date and time that each stage is open will be identified.  You must do the stages within the OPEN time for the stage to count towards the challenge (and the badge).

3- You can see if the workout is completed and counted.  If the workout is not marked as completed, please check your passport activities to ensure that the workout you did appears there, and that it matches the workout on the dashboard.  If your workout did not save properly, please contact the minions.  You need to do the correct video for it to count towards the challenge.

Hey, we know that you can load the Tour of Sufferlandria stages in your app calendar, but, the BEST way to follow along with your Tour Progress is actually from your Tour Dashboard.  Use the plan to find out what intensity you should ride at, but use the DASHBOARD to make sure you're doing the right workouts at the right time!  

Where is my dashboard?



Go to  Once you are logged in, you can click on Challenges to reach the dashboard.  




You'll see all the challenges here.  Clicking on the challenge brings up more details and very useful information.




For the ToS 2020, you can see here when the Challenge will start.  Click on the See Progress button.  (Even if you haven't started, please, go ahead...  click...  you know you want to...  )




Isn't it beautiful!  Connie Carpenter and Davis Phinney riding the Tour of Sufferlandria!  You don't regret pushing that button now, do you?  Push the next one...  JOIN!  Trust me, you want to!  But you also have to do this to get to the next page.  So go ahead.... CLICK THE BUTTON!  (please note that you MUST JOIN HERE.  This is not optional!  You need to actually JOIN THE TOUR for your dashboard to be active).  




Now you've reached it!  Here's the dashboard and all the information it contains! 




Clicking on the arrow at the end of the box for each day will reveal more fun stuff about that stage!



WHAT??  Shortcut to the workout player**?  This is awesome*!  

 *Awesomeness only applies when the dashboard is being viewed from a compatible device that actually has a workout player.  For best results, view your dashboard on the device you want to use for your workout.  


** Launching from the workout player will not automatically adjust the intensity of your workout to what you have in your training plan.  You must launch from the calendar to have the automatic adjustments.  You can manually adjust if you launch from the dashboard.  See our adjusting intensities help article if you want to know how.  

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