4DP™ Strengths & Weaknesses: How Do These Work



Four-Dimensional Power™ gives you unprecedented insight into who you are as a cyclist and what you’re capable of across a range of efforts. Unlike simple FTP tests, which only measure your endurance or sustained power, the Full Frontal fitness test allows you to see just how effectively you can sprint, deliver repeated attacks, take flyers off of the front and put down steady power. The guys in the lab coats call this Neuromuscular Power (NM), Anaerobic Capacity (AC), Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP), and Functional Threshold Power (FTP) respectively. Taken together, these values are used to create your unique Four-Dimensional Power profile.

The Sufferfest Training System analyzes your Four-Dimensional Power™ profile to:

  1. Determine which of six rider types best describes you.
  2. Identify your specific strength and recommend workouts to further develop it.
  3. Identify your weakness and recommend workouts you to improve it.


Our workout recommendations take into account not just your rider type, but the relationship between all your 4DP™ metrics. All sprinters have above average Neuromuscular Power, but not all sprinters have the same weaknesses.  You might be a sprinter who struggles with delivering repeated attacks. Or you might be a sprinter who can go again and again but just can’t seem to hold power for more than 3-5 minutes. By looking at the relationship between all of your Four-Dimensional Power values, we’re able to identify exactly which workouts you need to incorporate into your training to transform that liability into an asset.



There are four types of effort we may identify as your primary area for improvement:

  1. Sprinting (based on your Neuromuscular Power)
  2. Repeated Efforts (based on your Anaerobic Capacity)   
  3. VO2 (based on your Maximal Aerobic Power)
  4. Sustained (based on your Functional Threshold Power)

Below your weakness you’ll see three recommended workouts. These are listed in order of how effectively they address your specific weakness while taking into account your specific strengths. If you’re an Attacker with a weakness in VO2, your recommended workouts will most likely be A Very Dark Place, Nine Hammers, and Angels.  These are all VO2 workouts that focus on longer, sustained, high-intensity efforts. That means you won't be able to fall back on your ability to deliver repeated, short attacks. By focusing on these workouts, you'll get the specific training stimulus necessary to move your VO2 up.




In addition to addressing your weaknesses, the app provides three workout suggestions that will help you continue to hone those skills you already have. If you’re a sprinter who wants to not just contest the sprint but dominate it, then it’s time to get acquainted with Violator. If you’re a pursuiter who wants to pursue legendary status, spend some quality time with Nine Hammers. You’ll feel right at home. 

You’ll also be able to see how effective every workout in The Sufferfest library is at building Neuromuscular Power, Maximal Aerobic, Anaerobic Capacity, or Functional Threshold Power. Click on any workout title in the video list to view the workout details. Above the workout description you’ll see a 5-star rating system for each of the four power types. The more stars, the better that workout is at targeting that type of power. Like your Neuromuscular Power spicy? Order the five stars. That’s how the minions prefer it.


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