How To Earn Achievements


Achievements!  Ah yes, every Sufferlandrian Boy Scout/Girl Scout is always hunting for more badges to display their glorious suffering.  The minions at Sufferlandrian Services are also motivated by Sufferlandrian achievements and accolades.  The following is a guide to our current achievements, how you earn achievements, and what makes each achievement unique. 

Achievement Categories

General Achievements

These are things like all endurance and all speed.  They are not time bound but awarded once you have done all of those workouts.  

Days In A Row

These are awarded as you do certain types of workouts for consecutive days.

Challenges and Tours

These are time-bound challenges that you have to do according to a schedule in order to unlock. They begin on a certain day and each workout must be completed within a 50 hour time window in order to get credit.  So if these are done outside of those windows the app does not award a badge.  The Sufferfest app automatically keeps track of the time zones for you during the challenge but just in case we also have a chart for reference.

ToS 2020 50-Hour Window guide:



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