Streaming And Downloaded Video Issues


If you're having streaming videos -- constantly seeing the 'video seeking' message - then here's what you can do to sort things out.

Logout And Restart

The first step with any video issue in The Sufferfest app is to log out of the app from the settings page of The Sufferfest app, restart your device, and then log back into the app.  More often than not this will correct the issue.

This help article describes how to properly log out of The Sufferfest app.

Download The Video

We always recommend that you download our videos, rather than stream them. That way, you'll always be assured of a workout without internet drop-outs or interruptions in the video.

Streaming Problems

If you really, really want to stream, it's important to know that no internet connection is immune to the occasional traffic jam. However, if you've got a connection of at least 5mbps* or higher you should not have streaming issues.  If you are still getting a 'video seeking' message, then some reasons might be:

Network Congestion

There may be heavy internet traffic in your area, slowing things down between your computer and the nearest server we are using to store the videos. 

Your Minions are Slowing Things Down

Even the strongest of connections may begin to buckle as your household of minions are using other devices.  Have a family of 5 and everyone is on the internet while also streaming Netflix for the dog to watch?  Capacity could also be an issue. 


Downloaded Video Problems

Download Won't Start

Server Access

Make sure that you follow the log out/log in instructions at the top of this page first.  If your video download still won't start please try visiting this link:

This should return saying "Download server accessible."  If it doesn't, something on your device, your network, or your internet service provider is blocking access.

xFinity Users

If you are an xFinity user, you'll need to check and see if you are using protected browsing.  This can block our downloads.  Visit this link for instructions on how to disable this:

Not Enough Storage

This occurs most often with iOS devices that are low on space.  iOS has a minimum amount of storage and once you reach that it will not allow our videos to be stored on your device.  The general rule is that our videos consume 1 GB of space for every hour of video.

Video Starts But Is Very Slow Or Won't Finish Downloading

If you are using iOS, you should restart your device and try again.

If you are a Windows or Mac user you should go to the settings page of the app and find the "Application" tab.  You will see an option for "Download Mode."  Select the "Reliable" option from the drop-down menu. Here is a help article that shows how to find this setting.

Downloaded Video Buffering on iOS

Try rebooting your router and disconnecting/reconnecting your Wifi.  If the issue persists, please contact the Minions.  

Downloaded Video Buffering on Desktop

If you only see a black screen when playing a downloaded video, or encounter buffering issues this may be due to an unsupported video card on an older machine. The first step will be to go to your Setting->Application and switch GPU Acceleration to "disabled". That should allow you to see the video again.

If you continue to have issues, try rebooting your router and disconnecting/reconnecting your Wifi.  

If you are still having trouble with the video buffering or not appearing, please check for information on your computer's video card, it might not be compatible with Windows 10. This website lists AMD card compatibility with Windows 10. If it is not compatible, this can cause issues with the videos playing and you will need to update your system to improve its performance.

Other Issues with Streaming or Downloads

  • Anti-Virus Software is blocking access to the App.
  • Firewall settings are blocking the App.  You may need to go into your firewall settings and make a special exception.
  • Work or Public network does not have an exception for you to access the server.
  • A Net Nanny program to protect the young minions in your household thinks The Sufferfest is dangerous to young minds.
  • Your Router may have high-security settings that block access.
  • Using a Proxy Server to use the internet.  The Proxy may deny access.
  • VPN usage. We cannot download videos over VPN's. Streaming will work.
  • If your employer provides your device they may have things locked down in a way that will prevent The Sufferfest App from streaming correctly.
  • *Internet connection speed is divided by your router between all connected devices.  Most internet providers will recommend a minimum of 75 Mbps for 4-7 connected devices in one household. If your internet connection is less than this, consider disconnecting other devices to get the best experience with both downloading and streaming videos in our app. 


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