Intermediate Strength Training Finished - Now What?


I've Completed All Of The Strength Training Workouts

First, great job!  You clearly have what it takes to Suffer if you've survived all of those side lunges!  Now, how do we keep you from losing what you've gained from the strength training?  We don't have a plan to add at this time but here are some pointers.

What's Next?

We recommend that you start back at level 5 and follow that up through level 6.  Make sure that you are doing the recovery workouts in the strength training during the recovery weeks of your cycling plan.  You can also revisit strength level 1 during recovery weeks if you'd like.

Keep focusing on mastering the moves as you repeat those blocks!

How Do I Continue Beyond Level 6 During Race Season?

  1. Make sure you do the recovery sessions on rest weeks.  
  2. Remove one HIIT session from during the week, ideally leaving the session that has the highest star rating for your weakness.  
  3. Add strength in on days with Neuromuscular sessions already planned (CB, Cadence Drills, Standing Starts, GOAT etc).  
  4. In the final 3 weeks to the event, only complete Level 1 strength sessions only up until 10-14 days before your event, then do 1-2 of the recovery sessions during those final 14 days, ideally not doing any of them for at least 5 days before your event 
  5. Be willing to make changes/reduce weekly volume if legs are continuously fatigued.  
  6. Don’t be afraid to slow the progression, instead of only taking 3-4 weeks per level, stretch it out to 6-8 weeks per level.
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