The 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor - Ant+ to Bluetooth Bridge


The 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate monitor is also capable of converting the Ant+ signals from your Ant+ only sensor to a Bluetooth signal that The Sufferfest app can use.  You can find out more about or purchase the Viiiiva here.   

Please note:  The Viiiiva can be used to transmit power, cadence, and speed, but will not transmit an FE-C signal.  This means that you cannot control a smart trainer that is connected through the Viiiiva bridge.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT rename the Viiiiva HRM.  This will prevent it from transmitting data to other apps.  


Connecting The Viiiiva 

1. Create an account in the 4iiii app

2. Put on the Viiiiva HR strap and the 4iiii app should find your heart rate monitor (HRM)



3. Once found select your HRM and then click the "Viiiiva Options" button.



4. The 4iiii app will now automatically search for nearby Ant+ devices.

5. Select the devices that you would like to connect using the Viiiiva by clicking the checkmark next to them.


6. After clicking the check mark(s) of your preferred devices you will receive a message that pairing was successful.

7. Click "Okay"

8. Exit the 4iiii app and kill it completely so that it is not running in the background on your device.  This is a very important step.  Failure to do this will prevent the Viiiiva and other sensors from pairing with The Sufferfest app.


9. Select a workout in The Sufferfest app and start it.

10. When the workout loads you should see the device connections menu.  You can find more on this in the Device Connections help article.

11. In the device connections menu, click the "Add Devices" button.



12. In the menu that opens up select your Viiiiva and select "Connect."



13. Select the device connection icons underneath your Viiiiva's name to match the sensors that you are connecting with it.  In the example below there is a power meter, cadence sensor, and the Viiiiva's heart rate connected to the app.  You can find more on the device connection symbols in the Device Connections help article.


14. Exit the menu and start your ride!

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