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Let me introduce you to The Sufferfest app!  The app will open up to the "Home" tab, where you will find useful information, navigation links to the rest of the app, and your daily workouts highlighted for you.  


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1. The Navigation Menu

This menu is present on every screen of the app.  The only time you won't be able to navigate the app from here is when you are in a workout.

2. Your Daily Workout 

Once you've applied a training plan, the workout that you have planned for the day will appear in this box. Once completed, the workout will appear as a completed workout, similar to the view you will see in your calendar.  Want to see the calendar?  Click on the button.  Want to start your workout?  Click on the workout to launch the workout player.   For more information about the calendar tab, you can click here.  How to apply a training plan?  Click here.

3. Training Tips

As you go further on your journey into Sufferlandria you will likely have some deeper training related questions.  This section is a great place to start when finding answers.  

4. The Help Center

We have an extensive help center at your disposal should you have questions about getting started, connecting devices, troubleshooting those connections, and even some training tips.

5. Email Us!

Still have questions?  We have a world-class team of minions who love nothing more than to help you Suffer. If you need further help, please submit a help request here.


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