Who is GvA?


Who is this GvA you speak of?  It is none other than our legendary Directeur Sportif; famed Sufferlandrian hero, Grunter von Agony. It was Von Agony (or ‘Complete and Utter Bastard,’ as he is affectionately known) who developed the only known cure for TTBS(Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome), a vaccine known as “EnterPAINment” which came in the form of Sufferfest cycling training videos. This was a joyous time. Much Suffering was had by all. Those who had no idea suddenly discovered their inner Sufferlandrian. They began making frequent trips to Sufferlandria. They destroyed entire pelotons with a single shift of the gears. They Chamois Danced. Suddenly, the population of Sufferlandria exploded.

Now, as a condition of entry into Sufferlandria, all tourists and visitors must show proof of vaccination through membership of the Sufferfest Training System. 


A Sneak Peak Into GvA's Daily Schedule!

Grunter has only appeared in one Sufferfest Video.  He likes to stay behind the scene and plot unknown amounts of carnage.  Want to see what he looks like?  Check out Hell Hath No Fury in the workouts!  




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