How to survive a Quest


So you want to embark on a Gruntotic Quest for honour, glory & victory? That's mighty fine of you! Here's what you should know...

  1. Plan everything! Make sure your bike is in good working order. Have your food and hydration plan sorted well in advance, your videos downloaded and ready, and your multiple changes of clothes and holy water towels at the ready. Set up your pain cave to handle epic amounts of Suffering. No detail too small to be overlooked!
  2. Nothing can prepare you for what's in store. The Quest is both a mental and physical challenge. At points your legs will hurt (shut up legs!) and your outlook positive. At others, you won't feel your legs anymore but your brain will be screaming at you to stop (shup up brain!). Forge on - the Nation of Sufferlandrians have your back.
  3. Ten minutes are an eternity during The Rookie's main intervals but feel way too short when taking a break between videos. Try taking a bathroom break, changing your kit and socks, having a snack and a quick stretch when you're exhausted... not easy! That's why we recommend eating and drinking on the bike (especially during the warm-up and cool-down).

You should also learn from the brave souls who have blazed the trail before you!


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