The 'Calendar' Tab - Following Your Integrated Training Plan


The Calendar is how you will interact with your integrated training plan once you've selected it.  Here is an overview of how the calendar works.

Due to screen size limitations, the Calendar works a bit differently on mobile devices.  The instructions for navigating the calendar on mobile devices are at the bottom of this article.  



1. The Navigation Menu

This menu is present on every screen of the app.  The only time you won't be able to navigate the app from here is when you are in a workout.

2. Month Selector

The calendar is displayed by months.  This means that you will always see an entire month in this view as you scroll down.  In order to see the upcoming (or previous) months in your plan, you will need to use these left and right arrows to navigate.  The "Today" button will change the calendar to the month containing today's date.

3. Daily Workouts

This is the section where you will see your prescribed workouts.  

Workout Details Window

You can click on the workouts for more information.  When you bring up the workout details window there is also an option to play the workout from within the calendar.


You can also move a workout to another date from this window.  More on how to do that here.

Workout Tile Colors

You will see that based on their state the tiles for each workout can be various colors.  An assigned workout will by default be the color of the training plan title bar that spans across the top of each calendar day.  In these examples, the color is dark blue.  This color will vary by plan.

Assigned Workout (Default) - Matches the plan's title bar


Completed Workout - Green

The workout tile will be green when more than 80% of the workout is completed.


Partially Completed Workout - Orange

The workout tile will be orange when less than 80% of the workout is completed.


Unassigned Workout - Dark Grey

When a workout that isn't on your plan is completed, the workout tile will appear dark grey.


Missed Workout - Light Grey

The workout tile of a missed (never attempted) workout will appear light grey.


4. Weekly Summary

The weekly summary provides a snapshot of the training time that is prescribed for that week as well as what you actually completed during that week.  If you add Strength, Yoga, or the Mental Toughness Programme to your plan you will also see prescribed and actual time for each of these categories here.

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