The NPE CABLE (ANT+ to Bluetooth Bridge)


The North Pole Engineering (NPE) CABLE will convert the ANT+ signal from your sensors to a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by your native Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.

Please note that the FE-C trainer control to FTMS function is not currently supported in the app.  The trainer will report power in iOS, but ERG is not available.

The CABLE is not supported on Windows and Mac.  It will only work with the app on iOS. 


For the initial set up you will want to follow the instructions found on the NPE website:

Once you have connected your ANT+ sensors to your CABLE, don't forget to completely close the NPE app using the directions on this page.

Now it’s time to connect the CABLE device in The Sufferfest App. Open The Sufferfest Training System App and select a ride. Click on the "Add Devices" button under the "Devices" tap. Ensure that your CABLE is awake and you should see the option to connect to it.  For more information, please check out the Device Connections help article.  

Once connected, you will be able to select which data you want to be displayed from the CABLE. 



Troubleshooting tips: The most common issues with connecting the CABLE device are: 

1- not completely closing the CABLE app before opening The Sufferfest App and

2- the CABLE device being off when you try to connect with The Sufferfest.

Be sure to close the CABLE app as described above and check for the flashing green light on the device. If you encounter any issues during setup please submit a help request.  We'd be happy to help get things sorted! 

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